Join the Jewel ICQ Active List!
ICQ #47622481

You need ICQ 2000b Beta to join the ICQ Active List for Jewel

On the Jewel ICQ Active List, you may chat with other EDAs connected via ICQ, read the news, use the message board, or just send messages to other EDAs currently connected.  Try it out!

WHAT? With ICQ ActiveList Now you can easily access your new EDA buddies from your ICQ Window. In addition to your original Contact List, you may open your Jewel Active Lists, then communicate with each of your new friends or broadcast messages to all of the contacts on your Active List. Find Out More!

HOW? Once you have ICQ 2000b Beta, simply click on "Find/Add An ICQ Active List" and then search by ICQ #47622481 or by List Title Jewel and add it to your list.  That's it!