Angel Micheal

Masanari Uchima
Mtn. Home, Idaho 83647 USA

IRC Nick Angel_Micheal

I was born on Friday, July 07, 1978 which makes me Cancer.
I am a male with Black hair.

I joined the EDA mailing list in January, 1999

My Jewel Story:
On the Radio while under the stars. I was 18 when I first heard her voice. I was out camping and fishing... I brought my radio to comfort me. I was flipping through the channels, and not much was getting through. Then I heard her voice and it stopped me cold, I sat there listening to her soul, her mind, and her voice. I thought of my 4th grade cruch from way back. I was young, but I knew what I felt (Love, Insperation, Joy) but still felt lost somehow, because she didn't know me. That night my soul was happy, yet some what empty... but I know someday it won't be. Thanks Jewel...
I hear her voice and feel (something) inside me.

"The earth trembles, the oceans sway
The Angel watches, a feather falls,
And the skies cry with cold tears."
-Micheal A.

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