Sarah Cohen
Paris, France

IRC Nick angel or Drake

I was born on Tuesday, October 21, 1980 which makes me a 38 year old Libra.
I am a female with Multi-Colored hair and Blue eyes.

I joined the EDA mailing list in January, 1997

My Jewel Story:
Last summer in my camp in Vermont, there were a lot of people who had great voices, and so I got to hear "I'm sensitive" and other Jewel songs, without ever knowing that they were by Jewel. Then on day my boyfriend brought me over a CD player and told me to listen to the songs"Little sister" and "Foolish games". I was totally enthralled, and kept listening to them over and over again. Then I got my own CD, and worshiped Jewel on my own (no one knew Jewel here, until I lent them My CD that is :). And then one day I stumbled on the EDA list.
She writes touching and troubling lyrics, which, when she lends her voice to them, generate in me this unreal feeling ....

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