List of Archived Polls:

Poll #1: What do you think the next poll question should be?
Poll #2: What is your favorite Jewel song?
Poll #3: Which guitar do you like best: Old Yeller or Big Blue?
Poll #4: Which, of the three, is your favorite video?
Poll #5: Which song, off of Pieces Of You, do you think should be the next video?
Poll #6: Who should Jewel duet with?
Poll #7: What is your favorite version of Foolish Games?
Poll #8: What is your favorite version of You Were Meant For Me?
Poll #9: Which of Jewel's songs have the most inspirational lyrics to you?
Poll #10: What is your favorite song from a soundtrack that Jewel has performed?
Poll #11: What talk show, that Jewel has not been on in the past 2 years (or ever), would you want to see her on?
Poll #12: What is your favorite angelfood?
Poll #13: Do you like the idea of a Jewel doll?
Poll #14: When do you most like to listen to Jewel (all the time is NOT a choice)?
Poll #15: What is your favorite webpage dedicated to Jewel?
Poll #16: What do you think the EDA's should get Jewel for her birthday?
Poll #17: Jewel's soon to be released book of poetry "A Night Without Armour"; What do you plan on buying?
Poll #18: With Jewel coming out with her movie debut soon, what other movie could you have seen Jewel have the female lead in?
Poll #19: Who do would you want to make a cover of one of Jewel's songs?
Poll #20: What is your favorite poem in A Night Without Armor?
Poll #21: If Jewel were not an singer/actress/writer, what other job could you see her doing?
Poll #22: If Jewel were an animal, which animal would she be?
Poll #23: What other genre of music would you want Jewel to do?
Poll #24: What magazine would you most like to see Jewel grace the cover of?
Poll #25: If you could have only one autograph of Jewel, what item would it be on?
Poll #26: Excluding recordings, what new merchandise would the EDAs most appreciate the Jewel store carrying in the future?
Poll #27:Do you like Hands?, Is Hands over produced?, Will Hands make the Top 10?
Poll #28:What song are you most looking forward to hearing on Spirit?
Poll #29:What is your favorite song on Spirit?
Poll #30:Which album do you like better?
Poll #31:What is your favorite performance of Hands?
Poll #32:After "Down So Long", what song do you think should be the next single off of Spirit?
Poll #33:Do you like the Down So Long Video?
Poll #34:If Jewel were to be in MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch, who should she face?
Poll #35:Who should Jewel duet with at Woodstock?
Poll #36:Is Down So Long being played in your area?
Poll #37:What is your favorite version of Jupiter?
Poll #38:What 3 songs would you want on a setlist at a concert you attend?
Poll #39:Do you like the Jupiter Video?
Poll #40:Which, of the following, is your favorite Jewel video?
Poll #41:Did you like Jewel's performance at NetAid?
Poll #42:Which song off of Joy are you looking forward to most?
Poll #43:Which song off of Joy is your favorite?
Poll #44:What do you think of the new JewelJK.Com ?