Poems by Barbara Jean Austin

Because of the Angels

Time marches on
In the strangest of ways
There's a haze in front of me
Clouding up my brain, Fogging up my mind
I can barely see, and I can hardly breathe
I can't begin to think
And yet I wonder what's wrong with me?
What's the matter with me? What's wrong?
I can't see you...
And you're not even two feet away
I've been blinded by my actions
And I look to the sky
For the angels in flight
who have guided me through the night...
On the hardest of days...
And we've sailed on their wings
through the darkest of skies
and then I'd see your eyes
and I'd know it was okay
and I'll be okay tonight
Because of the angels.


1999 Copyright  Barbara Jean Austin
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