Gerrit's EveryDay Angels Page
New Years Eve
'96 - '97

Tom O'Brien threw a New Years Eve Party for the parting of 1996 with an open EDA invitation. Of those that showed up, here are some spotlight moments caught on my cheesy camera.

After having a bite to eat at Tom's, we settled in for some impromptu attempts at musical bits.
Of course, being as roudy as we are, some of us had to get carried away. If you didn't know, Tom does have a full head of long beautiful hair as you can see here. It's strange.. it's .. well.. strikingly similar to Eric's in a way.

A little venturing on the town with Tom as our guide, we managed to find Times Square after getting a bite to eat at a wonderfully healthy eatery.

Although Tom captured our attention by fooling us that he was a wonderful musician on Eric's keyboard, Selena took the night away by being the first to play the keyboard (and quite many other things!) in 1997.

After hanging out for a while, we all had to say our goodbyes and keep the memories of the awesome times we had in our head. Fortunately, there shall be more events to come as time will only tell.