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Friday, March 7, 2003
9. Drive By

Review #47 by toads#1okcfan
Written on Mar 11, 2006 (Read 399 times)
Thank You Lord,for making me want to listen to some music and turning on my stereo just as
KATT-FM started tracking "Dulcinea" by Toad the Wet Sprocket!! Although I had heard of them before I really had no idea!! As I listened,I was impressed how good it sounded and flowed.In my mellow condition "Stupid" and "Windmills" convinced me to buy it for my collection.Thanks again,Lord!!! I now have all the Toad albums and they are my favorite band,period. Folks...listen to any Toad album a few times and one song or another will catch your ear.After a while you'll realize all the songs are great.I love to listen to their sound progress,starting with Bread and Circus and going thru in cronological order all their albums,climaxing with Dulcinea and Coil...WOW...This is the only band I can listen to every album in a row...and I do that often...I do not and cannot get burnt out on listening to Toad.Not only is the music great but as an added bonus Glen Phillips is the best lyricist ever,a musical poet!Read along with any album and see what I mean! Okay,I know Toad is no longer (hearing that they disbanded was my darkest hour)but I was lucky enough to see them in Saint Louis on their P.S. reunion tour and they blew me away!The sound was incredible! I had Glen's solo album "Abulum" at the time but wasn't familiar with it yet.I just hadn't heard it enough for it to soak in.(Yes,Glen's music does soak in and get better with each listen.)
He played "Drive By" when I saw them live so I picked it to review here.Plus if you just read along with the lyrics while listening you
will see what I mean about Glen being the best
lyricist/songwriter/storyteller ever! This song is excellent!!Rave review!! I know I've carried on about Toad(I can't help it)and this
is a Glen Phillips review so I want to tell you both "Abulum" and "Winter Pays for Summer"
have soaked into my musical core and both are excellent!!They are both so good I mix them into my Toad jams and they fit right in!And that's saying alot about their quality. I've got to cut this short(too late?)but in review you can't go wrong with this guy.Thanks again Lord for turning me on to Toad and Glen Phillips.You're such a good God!!

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