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Abulum Abulum
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Released on
Tuesday, April 10, 2001
11. Maya

Review #44 by Ted
Written on Apr 23, 2004 (Read 569 times)
Maya's Hindu's translation is roughly, "Divinity Within"  I believe this song is about a man who feels empty and looking for some type of meaning to be breathed into him.  He is hungry and willing to take a chance.  Maya is that chance.  She is full of life/God.

Review #36 by Bullet
Written on Jun 14, 2003 (Read 692 times)
Although 'It Takes Time' is my favorite song on the album, this is the song that always gives me chills.  I absolutely love it!  Haunting and deep.  I could and do listen to it over and over again....the perfect ending to a magical cd.....


Review #34 by Johnny Elkins
Written on Jan 25, 2003 (Read 740 times)
I use to agree with Jeremys outlook on this song.I feel different now however.Its one of songs you need to listen to alot in order to get its full message.'seeings lovers crushed together,doesnt make things any better'.Who hasnt gone though a painfull breakup and had that sentiment?Thats what it is,a break-up song!A song of wishing you would have done things different like 'I wont be ungratefull'

Review #22 by Mantas
Written on Jun 5, 2001 (Read 881 times)
Another great effort from terms of dynamics, it reminds me of "Windmills" or "Pray Your Gods"...softly played, almost delicate, but the lyrics melt into the songs pacing...also another attention grabbing chorus, when Glen speaks the words "I won't be ungrateful" over those magical chord changes, you can feel the nakedness of his soul, as you would with any great song. Powerful effort!

Review #12 by Jeremy
Written on Apr 27, 2001 (Read 915 times)
Maya is a song that hasn't quite seeped its way into my liking.  I think the album is so good but i feel that maya, especially the way it is recorded on the cd, was the weakest song on the album.

but i am open to info that would sway me and my ears, but i don't think this song was very good.

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