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Abulum Abulum
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Released on
Tuesday, April 10, 2001
8. Darkest Hour

Review #40 by Amanda P.
Written on Dec 7, 2003 (Read 860 times)
Try to find the version with Nickel Creek.  It's spectacular.

Review #8 by Jeremy
Written on Apr 27, 2001 (Read 1219 times)
 This song is a story about when Glen's father died.  It seems that he was with his faher at the time of his death.  He talks about how calm his father was about death and how he wishes that one day he will be calm like his father.

He gives us a descrpition of the beauty in death that is always ignored.  

In his story he tells that in his darkest and scariest moment in life is right before death.  Then you will become truly free.

However he leaves us with a glimpse of hope as he says he will see his dad everytime he closes his eyes.

Another great song where the vocals are best on the album.

Also please feel free to make adjustments or comments on my interpretatin.  i have just my opinions and not the truth.

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