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Abulum Abulum
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Released on
Tuesday, April 10, 2001
5. My Own Town

Review #6 by Jeremy
Written on Apr 27, 2001 (Read 787 times)
This is a great song, they all are great songs but they each have something different to convey.  This song sucks you in right away with its opening guitar phrase. This sets a rhythm to the piece that will get stuck in your head, simple and beautiful.
Like always glen's voice stands out and just sounds...  Perfect. The story is both beautiful and sad.  

It seems that it is about someone who has lived in the same town all their years.  Now that time has passed everyone that you knew is gone looking for something else.  He seems lonely as he has nobdy to talk to and it shows him thinking about death and almost a sense of hopelessness.  Growing up is a process people go through until they die, and contrary to what people think it doesn't get any easier.  Going through it alone is hard and sad.  If you listen to this song and feel his words, you will cry.

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