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Abulum Abulum
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Released on
Tuesday, April 10, 2001
4. Fred Meyers

Review #38 by Bullet
Written on Jun 14, 2003 (Read 1423 times)
A few years ago when he played in SLC,UT he said it was written about the huge new Fred Meyers store that had opened up down town...if this is true than I know the store he is refering to and it is a monster of a department store.....this song reminds me of my college days and fantasizing with my college friends what it would be like to live in a city after society breaks also reminds me of the movie Fight Club....only nicer.....

Review #30 by Big Al
Written on Jun 22, 2002 (Read 1541 times)
Fred Meyers is a great song!
I am from Indiana and we don't have Fred Meyers stores.  So when my friend and I heard the song we thought the song was about a guy Fred Meyers.
Then I moved out to Washington and saw a store.  It all clicked.  It is an even better song now that I know the real story behind it.  I am reborn with the greatness of Fred Meyers and Glen Philips!
Forever continue to make great music Glen!

Review #29 by Sarah
Written on Apr 26, 2002 (Read 1568 times)
I like this song because I am from Portland, OR and hence know what Fred Meyers is. It a local chain or grocery-housewares-everything stores, kind of like a Target. Anyway, thought I would share.

Review #28 by Ana Maria Santana
Written on Mar 30, 2002 (Read 1585 times)
Hello Mr. Glen
I'm a good fan of all your songs, and I know you are a proffesional about music. I'm a profesional in economic that have the music by hooby, you are than best like all the music singers that has productions with john mutt lange, I hear it in your songs.

I´m from Bogota Colombia, and I want you call me at the next telephone in Bogota Colombia. If you have free time.....


Please call me, at least 5 minutes.
Is very important to me, Mr. Glen.
You can improve my music with any words that you say me. I know this!.

Bye, Mr Glen
and listennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Review #26 by Manuel Santana
Written on Mar 21, 2002 (Read 1590 times)
Esta canción es impresionante, me gusta mucho y se la recomiendo a todos.

Despierta la adrenalina que existe en cada uno...

Review #15 by Christine
Written on May 8, 2001 (Read 1751 times)
I Love Glen Phillips!!! Fred Meyers is my favorite song on the album. It's fun, upbeat, and a great song to sing along to...When my boyfriend and I saw Glen live, I was so anxious to hear Fred Meyers and he finally played it as an encore....It was amazing!!!!

Review #14 by marcman
Written on May 4, 2001 (Read 1757 times)
A great song and a great "abulum" from Glen.  I am a big Toad fan and I like this album a lot too.  I have a detailed review of it here:

<a href=""></a>

Review #10 by Jeremiah
Written on Apr 27, 2001 (Read 1768 times)
This song will probably become the most popular song on the album because of its "poppie" roots.  This is not a bad thing to have "poppie" roots, it makes the song fun to sing along and it makes you feel good.  the most complicated part of this song for me is trying to understand it.  this is what i have come up with so far and i is a little abstract:

I think Fred Meyers is an old broken down department store that kids used to hang around or maybe even live there.  or

maybe he just used to spend a lot of time at the store when he was younger, sort of like their mall hang out scene.

i don't know, but this is a real cool tune to play.  I bet if he releases any singles it will be that one

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