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Abulum Abulum
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Released on
Tuesday, April 10, 2001
1. Careless

Review #4 by Jeramiah
Written on Apr 27, 2001 (Read 975 times)
Please excuse me, my computer is all messed up and sent the posting omitting words.  I don't know what happened, so i guess i will just sum up the first part and move on.

Basically it said that the tone and style of the album was different than that of Toads, but it showed great growth and skill.  Careless is a song that draws its beauty from the music as a whole composition, and its words provide you with some thought.

It has a great 3/4 feeling to it, like a waltz, with a slight carnival sound from the accordian.  The syncopation in the chorus carries the song and makes it fun to sing along with.

The story is an honest tale that makes you question how people really are in life.  A boy looking almost in awe at a life where everything is perfect, years later learns of the horrible life that was behind the walls of home, or even of self.  This theme of a child who has everything you could ever dream of in a perfect life, can reveal itself to be 100 times worse than you thought you had it.

All those years he had no idea, and now he thinks that she's probably dead.

Review #3 by Jeremy
Written on Apr 27, 2001 (Read 975 times)
  The first couple of times i listened to this song I didn't really care for it as i usually skipped to Fred Meyers.  I just thought it sounded hokey with the accordian in the background within the waltz style, and didn't remind me of Toad at all.   However after the initial listenings i believed this song had captured his growth and change, offering life after Toad. something to offer the audience both musically and more important this song grew on and has become one of my favorite.  It's got a funky little chorus that is fun to sing along to with as the syncopation.  The guitar solo has a real cool
effect which enhances the style and tone.  The structure of the piece is built upon the composition as a whole.  

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