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Released on
Friday, March 7, 2003
17. Greer Zoller
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Greer zoller you make me holler
Blew me a kiss and I threw you a doller
But you had eyes like deep cool water

Greer zoller from the minute I saw her
I knew I had to have her , couldn't help but want her
I fell in love and I never once faultered

Greer zoller

But greer zoller had an angry father
He said "you keep away from my daughter"
And he made her sell the ring that I bought her

So greer zoller, well she said "tomorrow will you meet me
At midnight at old man potters's, and we'll run away and we'll marry each other"

Greer zoller

Oh, greer zoller, I can't wait any longer
I wanna get married, move out to the water
Have a house and a family and no more sorrow

Greer zoller

But greer zoller's jealous father
Well, he heard her moving out in the night and he caught her
Said "ungreatful girl forget what I taught her,
Well, you don't deserve to be my daughter
I brought you into the world, well, I'll take you out"
And he took her to the wild wood and he shot her

Greer zoller

Oh greer zoller, you mad me holler
Blew me a kiss and I made you a martyr
But you had eyes like pools of deep cold water

Greer zoller

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