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Released on
Tuesday, October 3, 2006
13. Good Enough

Review #7046 by jennifer
Written on Oct 21, 2006 (Read 492 times)
I love dis song.....
i can listen to it over and over again for hours with out getting bored
i love the music at the start

Review #6972 by Julie
Written on Oct 9, 2006 (Read 581 times)
Its perfect.. I cant hear enough of it.

Review #6943 by a fan
Written on Oct 5, 2006 (Read 607 times)
this song just rocks!!!

Review #6942 by Bre
Written on Oct 4, 2006 (Read 601 times)
In the interview for this cd Amy said this is one of her favorite on the cd... I agree! I love it!

Review #6941 by Sarah
Written on Oct 4, 2006 (Read 566 times)
I can identify with this song so much. I knew I would love this song, just from hearing the opening strains of the music. It's beautiful and vulnerable, and describes just how love should be.

Review #6873 by daevanshi
Written on Sep 25, 2006 (Read 699 times)
If this is what evanescence has come 2 i dont want 2 b alive anymore.
I dont know what u guys r on 2 write all that candy flavoured shit.
My ears will never b the same again

Review #6862 by karen
Written on Sep 24, 2006 (Read 715 times)
This song literally made me start bawling it is just so beautiful.

Review #6830 by Maria
Written on Sep 19, 2006 (Read 723 times)
WOW!!!!!! This song is I have to say my fave off the new album.

Review #6821 by Dante DuVall
Written on Sep 17, 2006 (Read 714 times)
So beautiful, it makes me want to cry (but tears of joy!) :'-)

Review #6817 by Bloody Tears
Written on Sep 17, 2006 (Read 690 times)
best song ever and ever and ever.....

Review #6777 by Nadja
Written on Sep 10, 2006 (Read 776 times)
Wow, that was the song i was waiting for. Blew me away immediately. !!


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