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Released on
Tuesday, October 3, 2006
9. Loose Control

Review #6811 by Bloody Tears
Written on Sep 17, 2006 (Read 698 times)
this song is CRAZY i love it!
the lyrics is the best part!!!!!!!!!!

Review #6766 by paz
Written on Sep 8, 2006 (Read 784 times)
This song is awesome aswell as the others

Review #6753 by JustAnotherFan
Written on Sep 7, 2006 (Read 770 times)
Here you go, people. Enjoy!!!

9. Lose Control - Evanescence - The Open Door

You don't remember my name
I don't really care
can we play the game your way?
can I really lose control?

Just once in my life
I think it'd be nice
just to lose control- just once
with all the pretty flowers in the dust

Mary had a lamb
his eyes black as coals
if we play very quiet, my lamb
Mary never has to know

Just once in my life
I think it'd be nice
just to lose control- just once

If I cut you down to a thing I can use
I fear there will be nothing good left of you

Review #6745 by Jenn
Written on Sep 5, 2006 (Read 779 times)
I love Evanescence!! The best band ever! I love the new song and I'd comment on the others but I can hear any of them.... guess I'll wait for the CD to come out.... Keep rocking on!!!

Review #6697 by JoBbY
Written on Aug 21, 2006 (Read 890 times)
this song i think is going to be one of Amy`s awesome songs i cant wait till the CD

Review #6668 by Lalaylah
Written on Aug 16, 2006 (Read 809 times)
This is supposed to be a very dark song. [Too dark for a PG movie]

Review #6645 by crazy_m.
Written on Aug 12, 2006 (Read 857 times)
very interesting, what will be this song, but i am sure, that this song will be very good, and it shell touch any heart wich can feel. EVANESCENCE, you are the best of all americans rock bands!

Review #6583 by tishri
Written on Aug 1, 2006 (Read 1081 times)
there so neutral
its like being a demon and an angel
there the one of the best
dark and somewhat heavenly

Review #6577 by EvanFreak
Written on Aug 1, 2006 (Read 1059 times)
this song is going to sound crazy i guess cause of the name well i know im going to like this song cause i love every single song from EVANESCENCE


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