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Released on
Tuesday, October 3, 2006
7. Lacrymosa

Review #6770 by RJ
Written on Sep 9, 2006 (Read 533 times)
does anyone kno where i can find the FULL length verion of this song?? I REALLY WANT IT. please email it to me... thanks.

Review #6768 by Draco Malfoy
Written on Sep 9, 2006 (Read 497 times)
anyone knows what the title means?? btw all da songs are good...download them...

Review #6762 by Kim
Written on Sep 7, 2006 (Read 550 times)
i love this song!!! does anyone know where i can download the full version of this song? please e-mail me if you do. thanks

Review #6755 by JustAnotherFan
Written on Sep 7, 2006 (Read 552 times)
7. Lacrymosa - Evanescence - The Open Door

Out on your own
cold and alone again
can this be what you really wanted, baby?

Blame it on me
set your guilt free
nothing can hold you back now

Now that you're gone
I feel like myself again
grieving the things I can't repair and willing ...

to let you blame it on me
and set your guilt free
I don't want to hold you back now love

I can't change who I am
not this time, I wont lie to keep you near me
and in this short life, there's no time to waste on giving up
my love wasn't enough

and you can blame it on me
just set your guilt free, honey
I don't want to hold you back now love

Review #6751 by Jaci
Written on Sep 7, 2006 (Read 528 times)
Im so lucky i got the album on the third of the month,how do you post it on the site? (if you can)

Review #6747 by Janlee
Written on Sep 5, 2006 (Read 603 times)
My Y!: janlee_dark, send messege to me if you wanna hear the full song hehe and full album. I've heard full album and it's so great. Love it

Review #6746 by Jaci
Written on Sep 5, 2006 (Read 559 times)
the song lacrymose is one of the bests i have heard form her so far, its beautiful. i love the chorus in the backround! the song weight of the world is great too!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #6742 by Aliviel
Written on Sep 5, 2006 (Read 579 times)
Heard the album... Lacrymosa is definetely my favourite. It maybe isn't the best one, but i surely like it and especially b/c i love Mozart's lacrymosa to. A great song :)

Review #6728 by eduluceno
Written on Aug 31, 2006 (Read 653 times)
yeah!! I love evanescence too, I´ll buy the cd the first day it´s at the shop. This song, Lacrimosa, is a beutiful Mozart song. Amy Lee loves classical music, piano and violon, so she decided to sing with Mozart´s music. Greetings from Spain!

Review #6725 by Christian
Written on Aug 30, 2006 (Read 645 times)
to listen to this song go to
search: "the open door" and click on the first hit u get....

ITS THE BEST SONG EVER!!!!!! wow I was shocked! so yeah.. listen to it.. its only 30 sec though.. :)

Review #6722 by Jordan
Written on Aug 29, 2006 (Read 631 times)
i think amy lee is so awesome the wolves in her song "Call me when you are sober" are so cute amy lee is so pretty her band is awesome i have two of her cd's i have Fallen and Anywhere but home and they are awesome.


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