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December, 1998
6. Understanding

Review #3585 by Maz
Written on Oct 31, 2004 (Read 1396 times)
I was upset. I needed a sad song to relate to me. I'm alone in the house. i always look for Evanesence because one person who I know could help me understand my confused feelings is Amy Lee.

This song is one of their best. I love it. The depressed mood, the realzation that comes out at the end is so true.

"Because I'm dying too"

~Maz xxx

Review #3159 by Robert
Written on Aug 4, 2004 (Read 1757 times)
I think this song describes a big part of my life. This is one of the best Evanescence songs ever made! I was so moved by the song. "Can't wash it all away, can't wish it all away, can't scratch it all away, scream it all away, it just won't fade away.."

Review #2851 by Lisa
Written on Jul 2, 2004 (Read 1863 times)
Alot of Amy songs and lyrics saved me from very messed up times within my self.. within my own skin.. and i somehow owe her my life...

Review #2774 by justin
Written on Jun 20, 2004 (Read 1926 times)
i have 6 songs that r evanescence but they rnt on any of the albums as far as i know. ive looked at the lists but cant find them so i want to know what albums theyre on or if they r real evanescence songs, they r "before the dawn", "within temptation-restless", "wash it all away", "october", "silver rain fell", and "breath no more". email me if u can tell me anything about them

Review #2550 by Christopher Cook
Written on May 20, 2004 (Read 2022 times)
This is another one of those deep, emotional songs. I love this one! I love how it starts off with the organ and the pastor's voice. Then, you hear Amy's breath taking, heavenly voice start the song off. In the middle, Ben's addictive guitar solo kicks in which leads to the conclusion of the song. I love it!

Review #2461 by Uplah
Written on May 13, 2004 (Read 1912 times)
An absolutely unbelievable track! One of the best by far.

I first came across it on a Russian Q3A movie demo and I just HAD to get it. Luckily I managed to get hold both the standard version and the instrumental version (although not as good...).

I've got my mates into the band, and they keep asking me if this song is commercially available! I think it's a bit strange why they don't re-release it...

The song is very deep, and the meaning will only relate to those who can identify with the lyrics.

Review #2379 by unknown 22
Written on May 6, 2004 (Read 1915 times)
I might sound like a total idiot for saying this and I know it's not my place but I somehow think this song is amy's feelings towards her deceased sister "Bonnnie." The song "hello" could instead be about her sister. I could however be completely wrong and sorry if I said anything that I shouldn't have.

I haven't been a fan of anything as much as I am of these guys and especially amy's voice.I didnt even like rock music until I heard these guys.

Her boyfriend seems like a cool guy too although I'm not a huge fan of his music but I wish I was in his place. That lucky SOB.

Review #2294 by Lady D
Written on May 1, 2004 (Read 1892 times)
I downloaded this song a while ago and have been obsessed with it ever since! I can really relate to it with things i've been going through recently. I don't know how describe how i feel when I listen to it, kind of emotional but feeling like i'm getting stronger because its like my feeling are being heard...hmmm not sure if that makes any sense!

My favourite part is the climax after the heavy guitars come in and she sings,

"Ooh can't wash it all away,
can't wish it all away
can't cry it all away
can't scratch it all away"

...that high opera like voice in the background is really atmospheric, its almost haunting, is that amy lee aswell?

This is the best song by evanescence in my opinion, It should of been on fallen!

Review #2162 by Whit
Written on Apr 21, 2004 (Read 1706 times)
This is one of my favorite Evanescence songs ever. I'm glad I'm not alone when I say: "What does it mean?" ^^;
I'm also wondering what's up with the talking stuff? I'm pretty sure that's Amy saying "Aren' we supposed to be real? I feel alone and we're not together, and that is real." but I don't know who the guys are saying the fist part and the "You're not alone, honey. Never, never," part. I'm just assuming it's Ben and David.

Review #1828 by j.moody
Written on Mar 27, 2004 (Read 1662 times)
Outstanding lyrics in all the songs, of course, but these show the authors heart to me...I understand this feeling, thank you for saying what I never could put into words..

"The light that flows inside of you
burns inside of me
Hold and speak to me
Of love without a sound
Tell me you will live through this
and I will die for you"


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