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Tuesday, October 3, 2006
6. Snow White Queen

Review #7145 by Sandra
Written on Nov 15, 2006 (Read 483 times)
I didn't know this song was this dark until I read the lyrics. It hurt to listen to as it was, but now I shiver! It's tied between "Snow White Queen", "Lithium" and "All that I'm Living For" for my fav off this album.

Review #7103 by Nikki
Written on Nov 4, 2006 (Read 532 times)
I love this song ...I have a crush on someone whom I have now so kindly given the name "Snow White Queen" ,....lol

Review #7095 by xtremeroswellian
Written on Nov 1, 2006 (Read 548 times)
First time I heard this song it made me think of a victim of domestic violence. Of course that's probably because I work at a DV Shelter. But it's an eerily beautiful song and my favorite on the album.

Review #7076 by MattofQC
Written on Oct 27, 2006 (Read 567 times)
    Yes this song being ment for crazed fans seems correct.  My problem with the new album has been that I don't understand the meaning behind most of the music......  

    Everyone twist your point of view.  Imagine being Amy and the band.  A small town band from Arkansas.

    Now listen to the album again.

    First person view changes everything.

Review #7067 by Chris Bowman
Written on Oct 25, 2006 (Read 531 times)
 You all need to listen, listen.. It is true this is for the fans, but the fans aren't listening.

Chris Bowman

Review #7066 by Logan
Written on Oct 25, 2006 (Read 524 times)
Out of every song on the whole CD, I'd have to say this is the best song on it. I can relate to all of their songs, but this one touches my heart the most. Rock on, Evanescence!!

Review #7054 by Blaise
Written on Oct 22, 2006 (Read 521 times)
this song is my favourite. the lyrics so obscure however understandable. Love the chorus.

Review #7006 by En-ze
Written on Oct 14, 2006 (Read 579 times)
I was seriously disturbed by the lyrics of this song. I mean, the music is great and Amy totally rocks, but I felt funny about the parts "there's nowhere to run, so lets just get it over" and "don't scream anymore my love, cause all I want is you." Hence, I googled for reviews on this song, and found my answer at Rolling Stone's website. Their album review for "The Open Door" says clearly in the second paragraph, that this song was written because of Amy's experience with crazed fans who are too into her and her music.

Review #6984 by princess sofie
Written on Oct 11, 2006 (Read 587 times)
"You just stand their and stare as my world divides"... I know exactly how she feels in this song cuz I have had a boyfriend do that to me...With this cd I just relate to all the songs and it's like I could have wrote this damn cd...Awsome ass song

Review #6967 by Bryce
Written on Oct 8, 2006 (Read 596 times)
great song. I love the whole album. This is the third best song on the album. Behind Lithium and Call me when your sober.


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