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Tuesday, October 3, 2006
6. Snow White Queen

Review #7356 by cgmullins
Written on Jan 18, 2007 (Read 472 times)
the eerie vocals and distorted drums are hypnotic...oddly enough, i couldn't help but think of styx during the refrain...i have no idea why, but that's what pops in my head...

the unison guitar notes following the melody of the outro vocal sounds wicked...these young ones sure know how to arrange...FIVE out of 4 stars on this one... 8)

Review #7346 by HauntedEyes
Written on Jan 12, 2007 (Read 434 times)
This song is freaking awsome don't get me wrong...but it scared me when I first listened to it. I guess it's because some of the lyrics are very personal for me..."Wake up in a dream/frozen fear/all your hands on me/I can't scream..." It was very touching to me. Poor Amy...it's so sick that people can want to hurt someone like that...Awsome song, Evanescence ROCKS!!!!!!!

Review #7344 by Phunky
Written on Jan 12, 2007 (Read 410 times)
I like this song...one of my fave songs on this CD. It's cool.

Review #7308 by lanelas
Written on Jan 5, 2007 (Read 435 times)
I have a friend who wrote a story about this song, since it's her fav from this album. I should get her to paste the story on here.

Review #7264 by Pilar
Written on Dec 14, 2006 (Read 489 times)
Wow, another song that leaves unspoken.  I love this song especially the hook, "...you belong to me.." I love that part; it leaves me in goosebumps! I feel the song is connected to their #1 fan; ME!

Review #7249 by mary
Written on Dec 11, 2006 (Read 468 times)
i LOVE this song!!!  evanescence is the best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i Have to get concert tickets!!!  this seriously is MY FAV band!!  i have ALL of their CDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  if you want to talk to me more bout evanscnce email me at

Review #7224 by bristolguyuk
Written on Dec 5, 2006 (Read 466 times)
this is the best song on the planet it rocks i love it great song cant wait to hear amy sing it live when she and the guys come back to the uk we love u over here and amy u keep doing what ur doing rocking the world love the album better than the first by far cant wait for the next one love u amy my angel

Review #7217 by Emora Deen
Written on Dec 2, 2006 (Read 474 times)
I relate to this song so much... There is someone out there... who says these exact words to me... not like the way amy says it... but, he means the same thing....

Review #7197 by Bri-guy
Written on Nov 26, 2006 (Read 488 times)
I agree that this song seems like it's meant for crazed fans.  The creepy fans who are all obsessed with Amy Lee.  Read the lyrics, it fits.

No matter what the song means I f'cking LOVE this song!  It's the best on the Album, and gives me chills every time I listen to it.

Review #7168 by Dawn Carter
Written on Nov 18, 2006 (Read 468 times)
this is so sad, I love her voice, music, words, and presence, BUT, I would never want to hurt Amy.  Anyone who would want to hurt someone like that doesn't care..they are SICK! But you hit the point Honey. But, keep your head up you are protected by a Higher Power that's way stronger than any man or woman could be. Love to you girl


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