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Tuesday, October 3, 2006
5. Cloud Nine

Review #7644 by Holly
Written on Jan 4, 2008 (Read 698 times)
Rock on, Cody!

Review #7642 by Cody
Written on Dec 22, 2007 (Read 700 times)
This song is amazing. And to restrict the theme of the song on a religious basis is like putting ducttape over Amy Lee's mouth and telling her to sing. I love and i also believe in god, but i'm not saying i love because i believe in god. The bible doesn't dictate Amy's lyrics. If it did she'd be singing stupid little diddies about jesus and how every one should conform to christianity's standards. But, no. She expresses herself by the feelings she has, not the words written by old ignorant men a few thousand years ago.  And further more, if the bible is all about love than tell me why so many woman, people of color, people of other religion, and people of different preferences were "exposed," hunted, persecuted, converted or extripated?

Review #7464 by Laura Merdian
Written on Apr 6, 2007 (Read 796 times)
I listen to the sample at Wal-mart and Cloud Nine is a beautiful song.

Review #7373 by Taline
Written on Jan 29, 2007 (Read 875 times)
  I LOVE all of their songs and I have both of their CD's. But my favorite of all time is "Cloud Nine"!      

                 :-)tee hee

Review #7300 by Bloody Tears
Written on Dec 31, 2006 (Read 924 times)
I'm not like disliking you on any level, but totally disagree with you Danny. Just because Amy talks about love in her songs does not immediatly make it christain metal. I mean come on! Since when have you not heard of a song realting to love or loss of love or lack of love. Everything would be christian metal, and that's just not right. (no offence, but i like different genres of music, and if everything was the same, I probably couldn't bear it) But...like you said Amy does have the wisdom in her lyrics, it's half the reason why I listen to it. But Evanescence are not a fuking christain band. And if anyone puts in another reveiw saying that they are, I dunno what I'm gonna do...but I can tell you, it's not gonna be good.

Happy Holidays!

Review #7240 by Danny
Written on Dec 9, 2006 (Read 964 times)
So Evanescence probably isn't a "Christian" band, BUT... Amy talks a lot about love, and what she says about love is true. The main theme of the Bible is also love, and what it also says about love is true. So if Amy likes it or not, many of her true messages are also found in the Bible, but that does not mean she got them from the Bible or "because" those messages are strictly Christian.  You could also probably find similar love themes in Buddhism, but that doesn't mean she's Buddhist, just knowledgeable.

Review #7239 by Khris
Written on Dec 9, 2006 (Read 965 times)
BEST SONG IN THE ALBUM! Seriously listen to it closely!

Review #7236 by Lea
Written on Dec 7, 2006 (Read 972 times)
not my favourite song on the album as i lose track of what Amy is singing about. it's a good song i've just not listened to it as carefully as i really should. has anyone heard Bleed? it's iwht listen to the rain on YouTube. i strongly recommend it as it's brill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #7071 by Chris Bowman
Written on Oct 26, 2006 (Read 1118 times)
Eyes will be opened, the blind will see once again.

Review #6969 by Dante Duvall
Written on Oct 8, 2006 (Read 1224 times)
I'm not crazy bout this song, but I guess its okay :-)


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