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Tuesday, October 3, 2006
4. Lithium

Review #7269 by bristolguyuk
Written on Dec 15, 2006 (Read 471 times)
this song is awesome this needs to be number one so come on everyone in the uk lets get the queen of rock amy lee number one when it come out i love u amy and a great album too u rock amy my angel xxxx

Review #7267 by farhood
Written on Dec 15, 2006 (Read 467 times)
u r the best sweetie .
love u . lithium !!!

Review #7260 by Bloody Tears
Written on Dec 13, 2006 (Read 507 times)
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday To you
Happy Birthday dear amy on your 25th
Happy birthday to you!

also, this video is the best thing i have seen since fallen, im soo glad amy got back into the water, i missed it :)
keep up the good work guys

Review #7252 by Bloody Tears
Written on Dec 12, 2006 (Read 488 times)
evanescence should be soo proud!
i've read in this weeks KERRANG! magazine that evanescence TOD outsold the following bands new albums:
Trivium - The Crusade
Lostprohets - Liberation Transmission
PANIC! At The Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
+44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating

although them bands totally rock, i feel glad that evanescence, my little obsession, was bought by so many fans like me - i didnt know that there were so many fans out there - they should be soo proud!

Review #7233 by Bernardine
Written on Dec 6, 2006 (Read 622 times)
What a great song,Evanescence is as taunting as it is haunting.
And what a coincidence,I happen to write songs.Two days ago I wrote a song called Lithium,I never even knew about Evanescence making one with the same title.And I walked past a MUSIC SHOp and Lo! Evanescence has a song LITHIUM?
What can I say,synchronicities happen.

Review #7221 by Pilar
Written on Dec 5, 2006 (Read 659 times)
When I first heard this song, I stopped everything I was doing and just listened to her voice; I haven't done that in a while with a song, most of the time I'm connecting with a drum or a key of a piano, but her voice just lured me so powerfully...

Review #7212 by Bloody Tears
Written on Dec 1, 2006 (Read 722 times)
the video is now on the official website
so go on it get blown away

Review #7211 by Lillian
Written on Nov 30, 2006 (Read 719 times)
The vocals in this song are haunting enough to give me insomnia.  I can't even describe it.  
This piece is a genuine work of art and deserves to be recognized.

Review #7206 by Braxton
Written on Nov 29, 2006 (Read 703 times)
Yes I am obsessed with this song, but hey it is the greatest song from the greatest band ever.  Anyway, just watched the video, and it blew me away.  Their best vid yet.  Totally kicks ass.  Cant wait to hear this song on the radio so that everyone gets to hear this work of art.

Review #7188 by Bloody Tears
Written on Nov 24, 2006 (Read 779 times)
ive seen the vid - its awesome and kicks ass!!!!!!

ooooohhh im soo exited!!!!!



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