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Released on
Tuesday, October 3, 2006
4. Lithium

Review #7408 by Brooke
Written on Feb 19, 2007 (Read 978 times)
O.M.G.!!! I love lithium it's my all time favourit song I almost cry when I hear it I agree with Nancy its sad but beautiful. And I also agree with her on how pretty Amy Lee is...
The song hits home streat into my heart. I have been through alot of stuff in my life adthis song just lets me know so has every one els. I LOVE EVANESCENCE!!!!!!!!!! hand can some one please tell me how the hell can they have been a christian band?!

Review #7407 by Jeremy
Written on Feb 19, 2007 (Read 817 times)
this song is super!!! it hit me straight to the heart...the lyrics, the video...they're all so cool...evanescence never loses their touch when writing songs...and amy lee singing them...just wonderful...

Review #7403 by Dan
Written on Feb 17, 2007 (Read 825 times)
My Favourite Song. Its Awsum. The Video Is Amazing Too =]. I Was Glad They Released This Song. =]

Review #7390 by AGIS
Written on Feb 11, 2007 (Read 902 times)
This is the best song of EVANESCENCE.Amy Lee sings it with her high and piercing voice.When I bought this Cd,(The Open Door)I listened Lithium over fifteen times.It's my favourite song and I love it.

Review #7387 by taye
Written on Feb 8, 2007 (Read 808 times)
this songs pretty good my lil sisters whos 10 likes songs like hers.kinda weird but its good.Like how she expresses herself.Shes cool.

Review #7386 by elizabeth
Written on Feb 7, 2007 (Read 770 times)
this is one of the best songs ever played by you guy's ( in my opinion at least.) i just thought i'd let the world know that i love this song

Review #7383 by becky
Written on Feb 5, 2007 (Read 715 times)
i agree with ryan my fave part of the song is "can't hold on to me wonder whats wrong with me". this song really hits home for me. i've been through a lot of stuff which i know is irrelevant but it just amazes me how this band pretty much sings exactly what i'm feeling... strange isn't it... but anyway i really love this song and hope to god the band never splits up i would be devo!!!!

Anyway "Music is the language of us all"
Peace and love

Review #7378 by Celeste
Written on Jan 31, 2007 (Read 575 times)
No Im not on lithium but i love the song and you could relate it to anything if you wanted to
You know sometimes i wonder why people that hate songs go comment on them? I just dont get why if you hate a song so much that you give it so much thought when i dont like a song i just change it and move on to one that i do like

Review #7376 by Nancy- Azusa, Ca
Written on Jan 30, 2007 (Read 513 times)
Oh my God!! I heard this song on MTV's TRL program and saw the video. I was amazed this song is so sad and in a way it's beautiful. Thanx Amy you are such a great singer and song writter. I love you for that. Also you are so... pretty.

Review #7375 by stacey
Written on Jan 30, 2007 (Read 518 times)
This song is so emotionally moving and inspirin for me! amy lee is like my hero, i also sing and write songs, and when i first heard this song i  fell in love!


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