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Tuesday, October 3, 2006
4. Lithium

Review #6608 by GoodEnough
Written on Aug 5, 2006 (Read 1221 times)
 I'm pretty sure it's not a cover, I read off  the Evanescence Open Door Blogspot   that it starts with a "soulful piano intro". But I guess it still could be.

Review #6602 by nita
Written on Aug 5, 2006 (Read 1117 times)
she ruined heart shaped box so i hope its not a cover

Review #6601 by tomer madmoni
Written on Aug 4, 2006 (Read 1123 times)
it's not nirvana's cover

Review #6578 by ophelia
Written on Aug 1, 2006 (Read 893 times)
i wonder if this song is going to be a cover of nirvanas lithium, i know amy likes nirvana so it could be,

Review #6576 by EvanFreak
Written on Aug 1, 2006 (Read 800 times)
the name of this song sounds weird 'Lithium' i wonder what this song is going to sound like well i bet its going to be another great song ^_^


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