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Tuesday, October 3, 2006
2. Call Me When You're Sober

Review #7127 by george
Written on Nov 9, 2006 (Read 421 times)
I think this song hits on a couple of things...it's true, most people only want it cuz it's over, and the drunks usually only call you when they're drunk ("drunk dialing" as its called).  It's SAD...

well, FIVE STARS...lol

Review #7126 by Alexi
Written on Nov 9, 2006 (Read 425 times)
Heyy people that write in this thingy umm I really do love this song I listen to it like all the time and just saying Amy Lee is an awsome singer I hope to meet her one day and yea well bye

Review #7121 by Amanda
Written on Nov 8, 2006 (Read 382 times)
in case anyone was wondering, I heard on the radio that the guy she's talking about is Shaun Morgan from Seether other than that it's an awesome song. I'm actually doing my ballet routine in dance to this song

Review #7120 by Sadie Meeks
Written on Nov 8, 2006 (Read 369 times)
This song is amazing! I love it so much. Amy has the perfect voice and i believe this song shows it she also is a very talented writer!!!Love ya Amy

Review #7116 by Gothchick13
Written on Nov 7, 2006 (Read 363 times)
I TOTTALLY AGREE WITH RYNNE who ever that is but he/she is completly right the person who got mad at Amy wasn't thinking straight

Review #7108 by holly
Written on Nov 7, 2006 (Read 342 times)
This song is the coolest song i have ever heard!evancescence rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Review #7102 by Brittany
Written on Nov 3, 2006 (Read 376 times)
I LOVE ITTTT!!!!!!!!!

well i love it alot
i dont really understand where you're comeing from cuz i've never been there

Review #7101 by Kate
Written on Nov 2, 2006 (Read 364 times)
i really love all the songs done by evanescence, they are really deep and there is usually a story to go behind them.

Review #7093 by cassie
Written on Nov 1, 2006 (Read 380 times)
luv the song

Review #7079 by hannah
Written on Oct 28, 2006 (Read 403 times)
you are the best ever amy i love all your song and admire you so much that i'm going to be you for halloween i'm your biggest fan ever no matter what anyone else says your the best


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