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Open Door Open Door
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Released on
Tuesday, October 3, 2006
2. Call Me When You're Sober

Review #6495 by Star
Written on Jul 12, 2006 (Read 1379 times)
They must have connections in France, That's why it was released there first. Also, Call Me When You're Sober IS the single when it comes out, so listen for it! yay!

Review #6493 by Anonymous
Written on Jul 12, 2006 (Read 1399 times)
Maybe Amy loves France so she let them have the first "public" to listen to the album and with the success of the Anywhere But Home DVD which was also filmed in Paris, France, maybe this is the way of thanking them for the Zenith Concert (or not) I'm not sure but I can't wait, a lot of people have been talking about the video for this single and they said it was based on Little Red Riding Hood (The only way to know is to wait for it)

Review #6492 by Laukik
Written on Jul 11, 2006 (Read 1358 times)
If any of you have all the songs Amy Lee has recorded, (Even the ones you had to get semi ligally off the internet) they just get progressively better. And how the HELL DO THE FRENCH GET TO HEAR IT BEFORE US? WTF? Who made THEM worthy?

Review #6489 by Anonymous
Written on Jul 10, 2006 (Read 1359 times)
Call Me When You're Sober is the first single of the new album, it actually debuts on August 7/8.

If you haven't read the review of The Open Door by a french magazine you should it really sounds cool and interesting.
You can read it at Evboard, Ev.it or Evanescence The Open Door Blogspot

Review #6488 by Bloody Tears
Written on Jul 9, 2006 (Read 1345 times)
this album list wasn't here yesterday. anyways, i think this is the new single when it comes out. i dunno, i might have just been a rumor. i hope it is though. the title sounds interesting. i wonder what it sounds like...


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