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Tuesday, October 3, 2006
2. Call Me When You're Sober

Review #6560 by Bloody Tears
Written on Jul 31, 2006 (Read 866 times)
ok, so i have heard a 16 second sample and it sounds pretty good. i went surfing the net i found what i think is the lyrics:
Don't cry to me
If you loved me
You would be here with me
You want me
Come find me
Make up your mind
should have let you fall
Lose it all
Someday maybe you can remember yourself
Can't keep beliveing
We're only decieving ourselfs
And I'm sick of the lie
And you're too late
Don't cry to me
If you loved meYou would be here with me
You want me come find me
Make up your mind
Couldn't balme
Sick with shame
Must beexhausting t lose your own game
Selfshly hated
No wonder your're jaded
You can't play the victim this time
And you're too late
So don't cry to me
If you loved me
You would be here with me
You loved me
Come find me
Make up your mind
You never call me when you're sober
You only want it cause it's over
It's over
How could i have burned paradise
How could I - You were never ine
So don't cry to me
If you loved me
You would be here with me
Don't lie to me
Just get your things
I've made up my mind.

i got these off      songsandlyrics
and i dunno if i have put the words on the right lines or if these are the right lyrics, but i know that the chrous is right because that is whta i heard on the sample.
im gonna try youetube and try and find the full song :)

Review #6557 by Ginny
Written on Jul 30, 2006 (Read 757 times)
The new single is pretty good, it took some getting used to. But its slowly growing on me. I hope the new album doesnt sound too much like it though.

Review #6556 by Katie
Written on Jul 30, 2006 (Read 772 times)
I like the new single. But not as much as I loved the Fallen album. I heard someone say that Lacrymosa is a good song. So I can't wait to hear the entire album. :D

Good luck to Evanescence. We've been waiting a long time.

and last I heard, the band members were Christian, but not a Christian band. But thats what I heard. I'm not saying that its true or not.

Review #6555 by Me , Myself and I
Written on Jul 29, 2006 (Read 673 times)
well....I prefer the old evanescence....this new music (call me when you're sober) is very boring and dancing....I didn't like it!

If the other musics are just like C.M.W.Y.S. , I will not like evanescence anymore.....

It's sad , but....I cannot see one of my favorite bands turning to pop!

Good Bye! :(

Review #6554 by Andrew
Written on Jul 29, 2006 (Read 640 times)
I've heard some parts of this song, and let me tell you guys, Evanescence is BACK!!! It's heavy, awesome, and a number 1 hit. EVANESCENCE WILL FOREVER ROCK!!!

Review #6552 by maddy
Written on Jul 29, 2006 (Read 694 times)
i have a question is evanecence a christian band or not? will someone pleez tell me cause im like realy confuzed. :(

Review #6523 by eMCeGy
Written on Jul 20, 2006 (Read 991 times)
hi, i'm cris from mexico, and i love ev's music, but, could somebody tell me plz how or where the hell can i listen to the new single¿ :(,

Review #6519 by Katty
Written on Jul 19, 2006 (Read 1074 times)
This song sounds like it can be really cool, but it does not sound like it could be a Evanescence song. But i still cant wait for the cd to come out.

Review #6518 by Sophia
Written on Jul 18, 2006 (Read 1119 times)
The Open Door sounds pretty cool for the album name. I cant wait for the new album comes out. I`m a big Ev fan. Evanescence is awsome! I do have all of their songs. 2 Ev shirts..1 wrist band and Anywhere But Home dvd and a big Amy Lee poster.


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