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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
8. Breathe No More

Review #5823 by Amy_lee55
Written on Oct 28, 2005 (Read 844 times)
Amy is nice,talented,unic, she has a wonderful voice I'm her biggest fan !!! I enjoy "breath no more" because I've lived what it tells it's so real !!!and it touches me

Review #5758 by Dante
Written on Oct 14, 2005 (Read 805 times)
Last night I dreamed Evanescence made a music video of this song. It starts with a black background with Amy looking in the mirror. Then, when Amy says "All the pieces falling, shatter" Amy backs up and the mirror crashes to the ground. Then, she walks over to the band who's sitting on cut down tree stumps and, Rocky is over at the drums sitting on a tree stump too. Then, Rocky tip-toes behind Amy and puts a black blind fold around Amy's eyes.
Then the second verse starts with Amy sitting on a stump then raps part of the blind fold off with the same blind fold only it says "Breathe No More" Then, Amy pulls the blind fold off. Then, the chorus starts again with her still in the same background only with grass for the ground.
And, Amy walks over to see Ben Moody sitting on the edge the grass playing the guitar with a sign next to him that says "END OF THE STREET" and tears roll down Amy's eyes because she sees Ben and starts to get uncontrollably mad. And, she tries to run over to Ben but the band tries to hold her back but, she escapes and pushes Ben of the edge and he fades in the black background and, the song ends.

Review #5748 by stace
Written on Oct 13, 2005 (Read 755 times)
its pretty good the way amylee sings all her songs and shez really good singing live aswell shez better singing live than any other famouse person. cya :-)

Review #5747 by Allie
Written on Oct 13, 2005 (Read 610 times)
I really enjoy this song, like all the other songs from Evanescence! It really gets to me because it reminds me of a lot of my past memories. I love the way her voice is so relaxing and effective in this song.

Review #5745 by Trina
Written on Oct 11, 2005 (Read 583 times)
This song is so beautiful, one of the best songs Amy's has written. I like it when she sings it in concert better because she emphasizes "Lie to me/ convince me that i've been sick forever/ and all of this/ will make sense when I bet better" more. That part really touches me.


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