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Evanescence EP Evanescence EP

Released in
December, 1998
4. Exodus

Review #49 by Marissa
Written on Aug 26, 2003 (Read 1150 times)
I think this song is truly one of Evanescences best...Amys voice and the lyrics mix soo well and it makes me feel so taken aback everytime i hear this song..I love it and I think its excellent

Review #38 by Dan Sanabria
Written on Aug 16, 2003 (Read 1148 times)
THis is not an expert review, but rather my own opinion on it.
I found it to be an exhilarating experience, and the lilting piano added to Amy's voice is so emotional that it really puts the song as a testament of someone exiting from home (maybe a runaway kid from a broken home, or from a broken relationship with the partner). Maybe an anthem to those who must depart their place called home and retreat to "shadows" to feel safe.

I think the songs appeal the most when they express your own experience, which is why it hits so close to home. I have no words to thank Amy and Molloy for the incredible experience called Evanescence.


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