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Evanescence EP Evanescence EP

Released in
December, 1998
4. Exodus

Review #7684 by Emily
Written on Sep 12, 2008 (Read 523 times)
hi!i'm from argentina, and i love evanescence
bsos a todos,che

Review #6475 by headphones are my friend
Written on Jun 22, 2006 (Read 722 times)
aaahhh!!!!! y  i love this song im listening to it now!thankyou evanescence for a great song dang its over tah tah!

Review #5902 by Bloody Shadow
Written on Nov 24, 2005 (Read 874 times)
Exodus is an awesome song. Everytime I listen to it I feel like its me saying those words. It gives you a sense of how Amy felt growing up.

Review #5539 by Dante DuVall
Written on Aug 24, 2005 (Read 966 times)
I downloaded this song to sample it and I'm
already obsessed with it. I love the piano
tune in it soooooooo much!

Review #5324 by Destiny
Written on Jul 15, 2005 (Read 1009 times)
Exodus is a great song! I love how its so mysterious and filled with meaning, but its still easy to listen to!
(oh, show me the shadow where true meaning lies, so much more dismay in empty eyes.)
Exodus is another one of my favorite songs by Evanescence!

Review #5275 by becca
Written on Jul 8, 2005 (Read 1018 times)
this song amazed me so much the first time i heard it i had to listen to it again and again and now im addicted to it, and i still cant stop listening to it.
Amy lee's voice is the most chilling voice ive heard coming from a female singer.
add me to msn if ne of u have it!!!

Review #5047 by kayla
Written on May 28, 2005 (Read 1067 times)
this is my story. i love it. im listing to it right now. i love evanescence! they rock! hard!

Review #4918 by chris
Written on May 5, 2005 (Read 1099 times)
i love this song!! i listen to it over and over all the time!

Review #3668 by Take it away
Written on Nov 17, 2004 (Read 1417 times)
Exodus is the best demo I have heard and will ever hear. Amy lee's angelic voice knocks me off of my feet. I've heard the song a billion times and I get goosebumps every single time I listen to it. I think every one can relate to the pain shes gone through. And wanting to leave home feeling like you dont belong. Amy will get you through that. Evanescence is such an Inspirational band that i will never forget. I want to be buried with my origin and fallen cds.

Review #3658 by AngelusMx
Written on Nov 14, 2004 (Read 1426 times)
Good one but it feels kind of "teenage runaway anthem" to me... i guess it's not my favorite song is all


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