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Released on
Tuesday, January 4, 2005
9. Hello

Review #4733 by Alicia
Written on Apr 7, 2005 (Read 506 times)
wow...wut can I say...this song is the best song i have heard in a long time!..Evanescence is the best band I have heard in a long time,and Amy you are my idol...you have the greatest and most beautiful singing voice ever and you have the greatest style and you are sbsolutely gorgeous! I love you all so very much and i love this song too I listen to it every night!...Some day I want to be jus like Amy!!...thanks for being so awesome you guys!!..ROCK ON!!..xox Alicia xox

Review #4730 by suzy-q
Written on Apr 6, 2005 (Read 466 times)
I absolutely LOVE this song-it rox out loud. It makes me feel relaxed and i like to listen to it when i feel tense and stuff. Amy, I want to sing juts like you and I'm training my voice to your songs-I'm even going to perform My Immortal at my school's talent show!!

Review #4709 by sawersy
Written on Apr 3, 2005 (Read 486 times)
i love hello its so good im a die hard evanesance fan

Review #4708 by sawersy
Written on Apr 3, 2005 (Read 451 times)
i love hello its so good im a die hard evanesance fan

Review #4701 by Adrianna
Written on Apr 2, 2005 (Read 451 times)
I just wanted to say that this song is amazing. I read on one site that it was about when you, Amy, found out that your sister had died. I just wanted to say that that made my cry. I still get teary when I listen to this song.

Review #4685 by TARA
Written on Mar 30, 2005 (Read 424 times)
i'm tara i just wanna say that i saw the new dvd of evanescence"anywere but home " and it's just great!!!!
amy u've got an amaizing voice and u rock!!!!!!
i Love the song tourniket !!!!!!!
finaly i gtg so i just wanna say hiiiiiiiii to all fans of evanescence

Review #4684 by Kate
Written on Mar 30, 2005 (Read 421 times)
This is one of the most beautiful songs written.... Amy, everytime i hear your voice it sends chills through my spine!! You are an amazing artist... this songs brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it!!!

Review #4679 by bango
Written on Mar 29, 2005 (Read 423 times)
love it, love it, love it.tears fill my eyes everyime i hear it.

Review #4661 by Someone
Written on Mar 25, 2005 (Read 422 times)
I love this song, I play it all day. I sing it too. My brother says Im really good at singing it. The first time I started to like it a lot was when I asked this guy out, and he said yes, I couldnt breathe. And when I couldnt breathe the song said,"Has no one told you shes not breathing" I love it!

Review #4656 by gabby
Written on Mar 24, 2005 (Read 410 times)
wat up Evanescence! I am just writing to you so you know I love the "HELLO" song and all the other ones.I love you guys.Amy,I really like your gothik style!


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