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Released on
Tuesday, January 4, 2005
9. Hello

Review #7576 by nuvia celinda zeas
Written on Jul 26, 2007 (Read 647 times)
this song is the best cuz i have a lilttle sister and she is my best sister i know how it feels to lose a love one my sister always tells me that one day me and my band will get big and bacome rockstars and somethimes she tells me that amy lee is a beuteful women she ever seen and  the song hello is a song the makes me cry and think that i love my family but am the emo type its makes me feel sad and cry alot i love crying one day i want to meet amy lee in person cuz i will feel like the best person i feel like amy lee knows how i feel and it makes me think that i can do more things in life like no other i have benn a amy lee fan when i got there frist cd and i was happy ass hell and if you think that you dont have a life well open your eyes and see the life in front of you sometimes i feel like dieing cuz i get into alot but i allways go through it every day i right pomes and make them in too my songs for my band and it makes me happy when i see her and heair her sing i get happy and in love with her vocie am happy that shes in my life xoxox love nuvia

Review #7455 by ESthEr
Written on Apr 2, 2007 (Read 726 times)
I really love this song, i'm emo so i like this song and well it is my type of music...
it really gets you into a moody mood... what i like the most about this song and i think all Evanescence's is that she, Amy Lee, sings her songs with such emotion, such passion, with devotion, That is what makes a good group. and of course we must give the other band members credit, they play vary well to...i hope Evanescence never breaks up.. it will be VARY DISAPPIONTING FOR the faNS, your fans EVANESCENCE, YOURS

Review #7454 by Ivy
Written on Mar 31, 2007 (Read 728 times)
This song when I first heard it, it struck a chord in my heart and ever since I can not NOT listen to this song when I listen to the CD. I will never hate this song or grow bored of it. This is what music is supposed to be about, raw human emotion. It is supposed to be about artists using their talents to express themselves. This song is riddled with grief about Amy's little sister, I knew when I heard it that it was about someone real who she cared deeply about. This song inspired me to write amazing stories and my own songs to sing with my own talent. I love it.

Review #7429 by denzil
Written on Mar 6, 2007 (Read 759 times)
...very much passionate it can reflects every mans ability to enhance their spiritual attitude through others..
love it very much...

Review #7337 by rc
Written on Jan 10, 2007 (Read 841 times)
this one hit me.. you rock... love the repetitive scheme of the solo piano... not to say the brilliance within..the voice... feels more of gothic feeling, mostly.. but a bit religious ... such endeering piece... wow!!!

Review #7333 by Crystal
Written on Jan 10, 2007 (Read 842 times)
I love this song, it is so beautiful...

Review #7148 by hishambg@hotmail.com hisham
Written on Nov 15, 2006 (Read 911 times)
beautiful song
beautiful voice
beautiful feeling
beautiful womennnnnnnnn
god bless you

Review #7147 by hisham
Written on Nov 15, 2006 (Read 911 times)
beautiful song
beautiful voice
beautiful feeling
beautiful womennnnnnnnn
god bless you

Review #7080 by Bullet
Written on Oct 29, 2006 (Read 946 times)
I really love this song, Amy Lee's voice gives me goosebumps :o her voice is just amazing. The song has for me a really deep meaning and I just love the song. Auf jeden fall einer der besten Lieder auf Evanescence, auch wenn es nicht wirklich mein Musikgeschmack entspricht ;) Echt Herzreißend :S

Review #6915 by carron
Written on Oct 2, 2006 (Read 1004 times)
Hello is a beautiful song that basically says that death is part of life and u should cherish it the same as birth. rox sox:)


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