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Released on
Tuesday, January 4, 2005
8. Taking Over Me

Review #5477 by Ashley Fluitt
Written on Aug 10, 2005 (Read 816 times)
this song is absolutly amazing! it has such an essence and dark poetic side, it makes me cry.
I love you guys.

Review #5296 by Roxana
Written on Jul 11, 2005 (Read 867 times)
Good first that nothing to say the great thing that I like this music so well organized that this(this one) special and this song especially I am charmed with me...  are  now in spanish  but i  am  a  Regia of  monterrey , México.
bueno   primero  que nada decir lo mucho  que me  gusta  esta musica  tan bien   organizada  que  esta especial  y esta  cancion en  especial me   encanto


Review #5288 by Disha Daswaney
Written on Jul 11, 2005 (Read 849 times)
Evanescence is the coolest it is my most favourite band in the whole entire world Taking Over Me is a song which reminds me of someone who has someone who loves them they are a couple but someone in the couple orders the other one around

Review #5238 by DD
Written on Jun 30, 2005 (Read 842 times)
I Absolutely Love Taking Over Me. This Song Really Captivates Me, and Makes Me Think Of The Man I'm In Love With. I Have Been In Love With Him For 2 Years, and I'm Not Certain If He Feels The Same Way. Just Knowing That He Is There, But Far From Reach, Hurts Me Deep Inside. Listening To This Song Gives Me Hope That One Day We Will Be Together.

Review #5195 by Rin Alphaditee
Written on Jun 22, 2005 (Read 692 times)
This song is so captivating, just like all the others. It is a good song that anyone can relate to. This song, Taking Over Me, is my favorite. The way all the words fit together is amazing, and it's as if they were meant to be together. Put together with the music, you have the perfect song.

Review #5181 by Thaatha
Written on Jun 18, 2005 (Read 656 times)
AMY LEE... After i heard the song TAKING OVER ME i just couldn't get it off from my mind...WOW..what an emotional great song..I LOOOOOOVE that song

Review #5167 by Ayoub
Written on Jun 16, 2005 (Read 661 times)
i love u
i love u
i love u
i loooooooooooooooooove uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
taking over me is the best son
all ur songs are the best
but taking over me is the most
u r soooooooooooo beautiful Amy lee
i looooooooooooooooove uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
ur eyes are the best


Review #5078 by sabrina
Written on Jun 1, 2005 (Read 694 times)
i LOVE it!!!!!!!!! It's awesome!!!!!
almost better than the origional.

Review #4843 by Jess
Written on Apr 24, 2005 (Read 810 times)
Well said!  :-)

Review #4818 by Mirthen Covarion
Written on Apr 20, 2005 (Read 670 times)
"Taking Over Me" is a poetic,mind-needling
song that reaches into your soul and helps you understand that everybody has a lost love wandering in the forgotten realms of your mind.


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