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Released on
Tuesday, January 4, 2005
4. My Immortal

Review #7701 by Booshay
Written on Sep 16, 2009 (Read 606 times)
Amy lee you are the best all time forever artist, I love you, your songs and how you sing. Hope you bring out more because I would love to hear them, Love forever Great fan Robert Baker

Review #7575 by Deathsucker Sam
Written on Jul 26, 2007 (Read 846 times)
LET us hail amy everyone listen up! I agree that we should all belong to amy lee!

Review #7574 by everyone listen up
Written on Jul 26, 2007 (Read 846 times)
hey everyone! (please reply to this message)

Amy lee is great! Don't we all feel the same wonderful at the same time kinda freaked out and disturbed feeling whenever we hear her wonderful voice singing those very soul cleansing lyrics? This is a message for all evanescence and amy lee fans! We all will stay loyal to this patriot who gave us satisfaction that we are not alone. There are millions of people that feel the same as us! We are not the only ones isolated and neglected by the damn fuckin society! Let us all praise amy lee for setting us all free!!! ALL HAIL AMY!!!!!!!!!!              Rock on people!!!!!!!!

Review #7569 by Esraaa Biga
Written on Jul 24, 2007 (Read 853 times)
yahhhhhuuuuuuuuuuu  THİS SONG IS UNIQUE CONGRATULATIONS........

Review #7568 by immortal woman
Written on Jul 23, 2007 (Read 855 times)
Hope this shall inspire you 4 another song

In the dark
I lie down
Feelin that there's no way out

I can feel
Its cold and dark
and nothing has no hope of ever coming out

Guide me to the light......

Well that is all I got.... Hope i can see even half my lyrics in your next song amy.... I am counting on you....

Oh and if you do.... Tell them It came from your friend in the dark ^_^

Review #7567 by Deathsucker Sam
Written on Jul 23, 2007 (Read 855 times)
Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amy amy amy amy amy amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely adore those songs!!!! and you amy captured my mind.....The songs connect to me and my forsaken life.... this killing lonliness in me just suddenly fades away when i hear that majestic sound..... your voice just keeps on makin me weep...all the time....This life that has been forgotten....is always contented with you amy....

Review #7512 by Ivy Marie Anderson
Written on May 15, 2007 (Read 956 times)

Review #7485 by NADI BG
Written on Apr 26, 2007 (Read 987 times)
hello guys!!!!!!AMY u r the most beautiful
singer in the whole wide world!!u have voice like an angel!!!!!and i am trying so hard to make my friends to listen to ur music cause i love u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep on doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE UUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!when u will come to Bulgaria ??????????????

Review #7484 by Jasmine
Written on Apr 24, 2007 (Read 990 times)
i LOVE your songs! they rock hard core! CAll me When im sober and MY IMMORTAL have captured me and make me go ballistics when i hear them on the radio or replay the song everyday.  my friends don't understand your music and i spend so much time trying to get them to listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want more of your music

Review #7465 by david
Written on Apr 10, 2007 (Read 1012 times)
Soy adicto a la música de esta agrupación necesito FOTOS DE SU CANTANTE PRINCIPAL.


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