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Released on
Tuesday, January 4, 2005
2. Bring Me To Life

Review #6522 by Sophia
Written on Jul 19, 2006 (Read 1364 times)
The first Evanescence song i heard was Bring Me To Life.. My bros gf had it burned on a mix cd an i started to like them..that was when i was 14 and now im 17..i just had to buy their cd and i just love Evanescence. I been told by my friends and my cousin that i look like Amy Lee.. She is my idol.  I have a big Amy Lee poster..2  Evanscence shirts..wrist band..all cds.. Amy Lee is a goddess... Evanescence rules!! Amy Lee you rock!  Im so exited about the new album!!

Review #6103 by Becky
Written on Mar 21, 2006 (Read 1511 times)
Hey   in this video  wot is the name of the bloke who sings   he is soooo fit! i've looked everywhere to find out his name but no where says.  please email me the answer!
evanescence Fan

Review #6054 by medo
Written on Mar 1, 2006 (Read 1522 times)
               i love u
 u r immortals

Review #6053 by jb
Written on Mar 1, 2006 (Read 1370 times)
man the first time i ever heard of the song bring  me back to life , i didnt know who sang so i got crazy and had to know who sang it, then finally one of my friends said evanescence so i went to yahoo!music and listened to all of their songs .iLOVE THEM

Review #6029 by wildflower
Written on Feb 13, 2006 (Read 1244 times)
this is the best song ever!i'm 30 an i havent yet found one that moves me so much......"you fill my soul" guys!

Review #6007 by marina
Written on Jan 29, 2006 (Read 1377 times)
"bring me to life" is so special song of its clever words and beautiful melody!!!

Review #6004 by mercedes
Written on Jan 19, 2006 (Read 1451 times)
hey , Evanescence is my favorite band, and i cant get enough of you guys. your songs are so meaning-full, and none of that crap like just screaming for the heck of it. i mean  the lyrics are so original and Amy's voice is beautiful!

Review #5999 by matthew
Written on Jan 16, 2006 (Read 1378 times)
hi i love this song it is the best ever

Review #5984 by Dante
Written on Jan 9, 2006 (Read 1305 times)
I love this version of B. M. T. L. I luv how it ends.

Review #5974 by Selina
Written on Jan 4, 2006 (Read 1241 times)
I love Evanescence! They really are an awesome band, I love all their songs. The first song I heard was also Bring Me To Life, I actually first heard it on the TV on her video in like grade 7 or something(Im now in grade 10). As soon as I heard it I wrote down their name and bought their CD and have loved it ever since. I love Amy Lee's voice.  They rock!


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