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Released on
Tuesday, January 4, 2005
2. Bring Me To Life

Review #7681 by Kaila
Written on Aug 21, 2008 (Read 1472 times)
the lyrics in this plus amy lee's voice is simply the greatest song by them ever.The first time I heard this I was 8 yrs. old and it was awesome! soI have loved this song for 4 years, and I've always loved it!!

Review #7573 by fuck who says
Written on Jul 26, 2007 (Read 1666 times)
Amy lee's vocals melted my soul..... I love her..... The rest of my life has been dedicated to amy lee

Review #7486 by juliana
Written on Apr 26, 2007 (Read 1800 times)
Me encanta esta cancion tiene mucha pasion.

Review #7424 by Lizzie
Written on Mar 4, 2007 (Read 1956 times)
english to japanese to english version:

To find that, until the house it leads, inside it calls me whom I who somewhere sleep, acquire the value of my blood in order make awake my spiritual cold me inside there and without my name or do to make awake mind how it can see in my eye like foreign opening which is led to my center which very has become the insensible sense if I from the darkness am excluded, me with me if what which becomes empty I am excluded, before coming being cancelled to move, I am made to accompany to the life which thing I where I am the hole shelf dying by any means cannot leave me If so in me do to breathe to know, me inside me whom it makes awake internal calling my name have substance awake I from the darkness am excluded in me, me with me me whom it comes accompanying in life if what which becomes acquire the value of my blood without your contact which does not have the person of your love most love in order empty I am excluded before coming being cancelled to move, in having made freeze, all this time simply is life between the deceased as for me I being maintained with the darkness, it could not see, but, directly without the thought which does not have the voice where I do not have thousand year mind to entirely If my eye opening is not something where many where I do not become there come accompanying me in life, being able to obtain the fact that it does not make that it dies here possible it is not possible to believe that before me who it seems the way and neglect thing it is there

Review #7165 by gabriel
Written on Nov 18, 2006 (Read 2249 times)
evanescence is so awesome i like bring me to life when the rock comes in is so awesome even all my family hears you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #7137 by jennifer pelltier
Written on Nov 11, 2006 (Read 2277 times)
"Bring me to life" is a song i love so much because it matchs' my life

Review #7131 by kris
Written on Nov 10, 2006 (Read 2282 times)
i LOVE evencence and I am always trying to get ppl to listebn to ur music because it acouly fits in with anything thats goign on in your life wether its happy sad or a weird day ur songs just flow honestly your voice amy I love it I acouly have you almost al over my myspace. i cant go a day with out hearing one of your cds! I hope you get a chance top read this! kris oh and if u have a myspace look for  display name .kris the so dam tall person. I would love to have u as a friend................................

Review #7016 by murww@
Written on Oct 16, 2006 (Read 2394 times)
this is the most rocker song i!ve ever listen...

Review #6784 by louise
Written on Sep 11, 2006 (Read 2529 times)
i love the song b m t l its fantastic

Review #6659 by jennifer courneyea
Written on Aug 15, 2006 (Read 2637 times)
i love the song and video beat and her voice


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