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Released on
Tuesday, January 4, 2005
1. Going Under

Review #5448 by celso santiago
Written on Aug 5, 2005 (Read 1157 times)
i love this song i think it was the best i sing it every time i hear it keep going like htat you doing good

Review #5356 by kErRiO
Written on Jul 19, 2005 (Read 1567 times)
its great song.. something everyone can enjoy... a tad sadd tho ;)

Review #5353 by me again..
Written on Jul 19, 2005 (Read 1543 times)
this song is soo awesome! if i said this once, ive said it a THOUSAND times--Amy Lee has an angelic voice, it could make anyone start getting profoundly teary..and the band ROCKS

Review #5346 by mhmad
Written on Jul 19, 2005 (Read 1564 times)

Review #5338 by angela leigh
Written on Jul 17, 2005 (Read 1589 times)
i belive im the first to offer critiscm. I enjoy your songs so amzingly much, i love the lyrics however i find it hard to respect someone when they contradict thier own morale. no doubt your amazing voice is true and pure amy, beucase it is, as a singer, i am substansully offended, that thier would be vocals enhancement. your voice is an accomplishment enough, so pleasea keep to the pure simple and realistic voice. your albums would speak so much more to people like me if, you would precede your point is everybodys fool, and not be fake. thanks for your time, i am a fan as contrary as my comments seem, but i feel that kissing your ass is a waste of space and time.
ps...yea i kno my spelling sucks....ha ha.

Review #5334 by Annie
Written on Jul 17, 2005 (Read 1370 times)
I love this song and its music video! Im one of evanescence's huge fans..I love them so much...this song is my favorite and i think it sounds perfect!!!

Review #5333 by Mariana Pena
Written on Jul 17, 2005 (Read 1374 times)
Hey i think EVANESCENCE real amaing it had open my eyes to many things and to many people that i know. I cant wait till they make more of that creative music that speaks out to the world and sends out different wonderful messages.

Review #5320 by nicole
Written on Jul 15, 2005 (Read 1295 times)
i love all there songs. they rock!!

Review #5301 by Julija
Written on Jul 12, 2005 (Read 1384 times)
Evanescence is COOL! I know that i do many mistakes cause i am from lithuania but i love this song and this perfect band. Evanescence rocks!And there is one thing that i didn't said... Amy Lee is has nice voice,and you guys play amazing!

Review #5298 by Jason Seekings
Written on Jul 11, 2005 (Read 1303 times)
Dies ist weitem meines lieblgins durch
Evanescence singt.


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