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Released on
Tuesday, January 4, 2005
1. Going Under

Review #6377 by L sab
Written on Jun 8, 2006 (Read 983 times)
hello to the ather how 's working to came

Review #6169 by Mattador701
Written on Apr 13, 2006 (Read 928 times)
i think rock going under rocks it's my fav track i'm even listienin to it now it's da bomb

Review #6142 by emina
Written on Mar 30, 2006 (Read 885 times)
i love them soo much.... i want to chat whit them fans ...their songs are great ..im from Sarajevo ..Bosnia Herzegowina and ppl dont listen to them soo much ..but they rullzzz..bye
Stay cool

Review #6138 by Midnite Fantasy
Written on Mar 28, 2006 (Read 843 times)
I think Evanescence rocks, if ne1 disagrees wi dat, I PUNCH U IN DA FACE! kwl kwl kwl, thats wot I think of Evanescence. :):):):):)

Review #6102 by Tima
Written on Mar 20, 2006 (Read 891 times)
omg! i live for Evanescence! i love them soo much i listen to all of their songs and i have a page on my website all bout them! I LOVE AMY LEE TOO shes such a good singer! shes very pretty too lol
omg ppl say that evanescence is a perfume company which really gets me upset! \/

Review #6068 by hook
Written on Mar 8, 2006 (Read 904 times)
evanescence is my world

Review #6061 by Vinny
Written on Mar 4, 2006 (Read 876 times)
i love EVANESCENCE more than anything in this world .. i lestin 2 them all day and all night .. their songs just ROCK ME and make my emotions goes to the highest levels .. AMY LEE you are my life and this life doesnt worth it to live without your damn beautiful songs .. I LOVE YOU .. VINNY AL-VOLGIN from GERMANY

Review #6008 by Lizzie
Written on Jan 29, 2006 (Read 1281 times)
I just LOVE going under i could sing it everyone moment in my life till my last breath..seriously! at the talent show in my school me and my friend r going to sing going under and we sound pretty good its a little bit hard in some of the parts but thats what practice is for right? amy i love ur voice its what all of these reviews its wonderfull it not even wonderful its better then that! my dad doesn't like how u sing but who cares thats his opinon and mine is that AMY LEE ROCKS!!!! GOOO EVANESCENCE!!!!!

Review #5985 by sandra
Written on Jan 10, 2006 (Read 1425 times)
i love your songs all of them

Review #5967 by rachel harden
Written on Dec 31, 2005 (Read 1471 times)
hello i'm a french canadian,I love Green Day and Evanescence.I just love their songs especialy going under and everyones fool.     PEACE!!!!!!!!!!


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