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Released on
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
14. Missing

Review #5429 by hamda
Written on Aug 2, 2005 (Read 447 times)
i love  amy lee
my role model in everything
i love her meaningful songs
just wanted to say that she has a lot of fans here in dubai,U.A.E


Review #5423 by Sky
Written on Jul 31, 2005 (Read 456 times)
"you wont cry for my absence i know, you forgot me long ago....."

this song is amazing....no really even if it was'nt a song and you handed me just lyric's i would still have tears in my eyes. It's so good because most people can relate to it in some way.

"...i died to know you loved me"

Many have felt thet way about someone in there life, that they can never get back.....


Review #5415 by Sharon
Written on Jul 30, 2005 (Read 457 times)
I sobbed so much upon hearing this song. Nothing could be closer to truth of what you feel inside.

"Even though I am the sacrifice, you wont try for me, not now. I would die to know you love me. I am all alone."

She needs to make a music video for this.

Review #5401 by Sarah
Written on Jul 27, 2005 (Read 452 times)
I love this song.....It's probably one of my favs on this c.d & the concert from the dvd waz just awesome!

Review #5389 by amanda
Written on Jul 25, 2005 (Read 456 times)
I think this song is amazing!  I love the beat and the lyrics.  I can relate to what she is saying

Review #5291 by disha
Written on Jul 11, 2005 (Read 519 times)
This song is a great song and it's about someone who is missing and say no one can remember her while she's comming back and says she'll die to know someone loves her and all that kind of stuff

Review #5235 by Juliane Arantes Machado
Written on Jun 30, 2005 (Read 562 times)
I love you, evanescence. Am from Brazil. I'm sorry for dirt english. Am studing this language. When came you here on Brazil? You can came in Goias. All the singers came and sings in Rio or in Sao Paulo but never sings here in Goias. My music favorit is Bring me to life. Thank you! Bye bye...

Review #5129 by Ilia Delilah Piñero
Written on Jun 8, 2005 (Read 585 times)
I reall love this song. whenever I am deppressed or upset because the world is treating me wrong I play Missing over and over again to stop myself from commiting suicide.This song really helps me through times when I am extremely deppressed.I reccomend it to everyone.The lyrics are beautiful and Amy Lee's voice is beautiful.I really wish there was a music video to go along with it.But in my head I have a personal Music Video that can turn out good or bad.It takes place in the Reinasance.Amy Lee's work and this song have inspired me into joining groups and singing solo.Evanescence is an awesome band and I wish that they had a concert in 2005.

Review #5096 by Adrienne
Written on Jun 3, 2005 (Read 608 times)
I love this song is beautiful, with each instrument playing its part perfectly. I have found my new muse.

Review #5083 by chris
Written on Jun 1, 2005 (Read 600 times)
missing is one of my favorite evanescence songs


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