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Released on
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
14. Missing

Review #4136 by bisquick
Written on Jan 15, 2005 (Read 651 times)
I think evryone can relate to this song because everyone feels like something is missing. It reminds me of my Dad because I have never met him because he left before I was born. The part I mostly relate to is where it says "am I that unimportant? am I so insignifigant?" I think the reason Evanescence is so big is because they seem to base their songs off real life expiriences. Keep up the good work.

Review #4130 by Sean
Written on Jan 15, 2005 (Read 636 times)
I fell in love with this song the first time i heard it . and im going to sing it @ my school talen show!!!!!!!

Review #4126 by gizem yalc&#305;n
Written on Jan 15, 2005 (Read 624 times)
hi! I loooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee this song it's very coooooollllllllll:)

Review #4123 by Ashleigh
Written on Jan 14, 2005 (Read 573 times)
Omg...I Love This Song..(Eh...I love Amy Lee Period ;))

Review #4115 by Emily
Written on Jan 14, 2005 (Read 549 times)
They Rock!!!!!!!!!!

Review #4096 by aizhah izmail
Written on Jan 12, 2005 (Read 599 times)
hey! evanescence kickz azz!!!
u guyz rock!!!! ur muzic iz soo kewl n itz... lyk...um... gud!!
gothic rox!!!

Review #4092 by andrea
Written on Jan 11, 2005 (Read 616 times)
hey i love evanescence and i love amy lee's voice it's very pretty i also love the song missing the song is like my life

Review #4091 by Randi
Written on Jan 11, 2005 (Read 546 times)
I LOOOOOVE this song. I'm not sure why but i think it has to do with one of my (best) friends leaving for school and i miss her so much. She adores this song and so do i and listening to it reminds me of her and all our good times!!

Review #4072 by Another-Child-Of-The-Sun
Written on Jan 9, 2005 (Read 543 times)
Hi, i'm Samantha, i'm 13 years old, and i'm a belgian girl.
I love evanescence, and the photos of Amy lee are realy amasing beatifull! I Love that girl!
Missing is a Song that will be forever in my heart. I love it. . Isn't something missing ? -Bye-

Review #4058 by PatrY
Written on Jan 8, 2005 (Read 529 times)
Hey!I`m spanish and I have to say that I love this song.I think it`s because I think I`ts what i`ts happenning to me right now with 1 boy.The lyrics it`s so realistic that it make me think a lot.You`re the best AMY!1 kiss  PatrY-->Canary Islands!


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