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Anywhere But Home Anywhere But Home
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Released on
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
14. Missing

Review #4226 by ashley
Written on Jan 28, 2005 (Read 247 times)
I love evanescence. All those nights their songs have pulled me through (i think you know what i am talking bout) esp. this one....and if any die hard fans read this and wanna talk to me....i am 16 f tx then im me msn memories_haunt_my_soul_now@hotmail or yahoo is memories_haunt_my_soul_now@yahoo....add me

Review #4217 by Skurai
Written on Jan 28, 2005 (Read 268 times)
Again another song by Evanescence has captured my soul.... I like it because I could relate with the song...

Review #4212 by morbid soul
Written on Jan 27, 2005 (Read 292 times)
this song is TOTALLY SICK.its so morbid but so real.it couldnt rock harder if it tried.amy lee is my inspiration.i wish she was my sister.lol.shes helped me be myself.thanx amy lee.


Review #4190 by White_Forest_Wolf
Written on Jan 25, 2005 (Read 355 times)
this song is so beaituful, Amy don't stop creating such wonderful music

Review #4183 by Deanna
Written on Jan 24, 2005 (Read 398 times)
Evanescence rules Amy Lee is like awsome i love her hehe this song is like kool and im like a realy realy beyond big fan I Love EVANESCENCE

Review #4180 by elie abou jaoude
Written on Jan 23, 2005 (Read 419 times)
when i listen to this song i always think about my girlfriend beatrice

Review #4176 by sinank17qmynet.com
Written on Jan 23, 2005 (Read 424 times)

Review #4160 by broken*wing
Written on Jan 21, 2005 (Read 498 times)
This song stopped me when I tried suicide...I swear ..I dont know why but this song is really emotional and I'm writing lyrics on my own and I've got this feeling that it's one of my babies... Thanks Amy for saving my life!!! your broken*wing

Review #4149 by AmyLeeJr.
Written on Jan 18, 2005 (Read 584 times)
I think the haunting music and the sound of Amy's amazing voice is what makes this song so beautiful.  A song I can relate to.  Sometimes I feel like nobody sees me and nobody would really care if I went missing.  Amy has produced a fantastic song and she really gets through to me.  She is a true idol.

Review #4143 by AngelofOblivion
Written on Jan 17, 2005 (Read 612 times)
I heard this song long before it was released on "Anywhere But Home" and I have loved it ever since. This is one of the songs they do in concert if you're lucky and you're at the right one... unfortunately not at the concerts that I've been to. I have the sheet music for Missing... it took me a while to decipher the instruments, but I finally have it.

Amy Lee is my idol; her music is severely moving.


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