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Released on
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
11. Tourniquet

Review #4330 by Axl
Written on Feb 7, 2005 (Read 529 times)
Amy Lee Rock's. I'd first listen to the fisrt album at my brothers place and I knew at once they were gonna be BIG. I bought the dvd recently and the band rocks..! My favourite song on the dvd has go to be "My Tourniquet"

Hope their next album will be as good as Fallen.


Review #4292 by vernon huckleberry
Written on Feb 2, 2005 (Read 564 times)
i love this song. it is the first song that i heard, and by far the best. if you dont like evanecesnce, then screw you asshole

Review #4233 by Ivana
Written on Jan 29, 2005 (Read 577 times)
This is one GREAT song.Sometimes I feel like whole world is against me and I think that there is no reason to live.But then I listen this song and somehow I know that I'm not alone,I know that there is someone who feel the pain in the heart just like I do...


Review #4117 by stephen
Written on Jan 14, 2005 (Read 685 times)
you guys rock

Review #4098 by kelcee
Written on Jan 12, 2005 (Read 642 times)
Evanescence in a sense is one of the best
"bands" that i have heard in a long time.  They are very original in everything that they do: their clothes, music, videos, EVERYTHING!!! To finally see someone that isn't afaid to be who they are really makes me think that this world aint so hypocritical.  Amy Lee has one of the best voices i have ever heard: THAT AS WELL IF VERY ORIGINAL!!  She is beautiful in every sense possible and I want to thank Evanescence for making it possible to have a joy for music.

Review #4055 by Amanda Bohn
Written on Jan 7, 2005 (Read 647 times)
I think that  this song has drawn my interest to listen to  more of the evanescence cd's more often then Pop or any thing else because  i bought every single album that they have ever made and when they make another one i'll buy that one. Evaescence is my favorite band ever
         Amanda bohn

Review #4051 by Amanda
Written on Jan 7, 2005 (Read 651 times)
Oh yea Amy Lee is the best. I LOVE this song. This is my second favvorite song in the world.  I LOVE U EVANESCENCE U ROCK MY SOX!!!! lol sometimes i just wanna cry and i wanna just wake up from this nihtmare called "Life" its not a fairytale as ppl say. just like the song "EveryBodys Fool" when im depressed i listen to evanescence and i write poetry.  If anyone is interested, my poem is online and the web site is www.poetry.com and my full name is Amanda Lee Flores and my poem is called "Bleeding Rose" ok thnx ppl i love amy lee!

Review #4044 by audrey
Written on Jan 6, 2005 (Read 648 times)
yes, amy lee has such gr8 emotion and power in her voice, she can sing and just like me, understands the power in this song about suicide. the song is  a powerful experience and just listening brings back my suicidal thoughts that i have thought in the past. its my favorite song from evanescence b/c it relates so much to my life, it doesnt promote suicide, it just shows how you can show feelings and emotions thru music. thats exactly what amy lee does in this song. it is so beautiful.

Review #4014 by A random military man
Written on Jan 3, 2005 (Read 547 times)
This song may or may not be about suicide...and if it is it is a waste of a perfectly brilliant song.

Suicide is for those to weak to face the fact that most of us live very charmed lives. I have been deployed to many parts of the world where your "problems" are to laugh at. You want to know pain... hold a kid in your arms as a combat medic and know there is nothing you can do for them but beg their parents to get off the street before they to are hit by a coward with a sniper rifle. To me this song is about those of us wh fight... who have to fight cowards and killers with the only thing they can understand. and the prayers we make when we come home and wonder ...when I die and I sit before god... will he be on the other side?? will he forgive me for what I have done even if it was to save others? I hope this puts a perspective on life and perhaps a little bit of what this means to us that protect you as you sleep.


Review #3970 by jaydedjayde
Written on Dec 30, 2004 (Read 590 times)
This song almost made me cry, I have tried to commit suicide before and no one has ever come close to describing the pain and anger that is behind it. Evanescense has done better they describe it perfectly and Amy Lee's voice brings depth to  the song. It tells it perfectly. Thank you for the words you have given those of us who cannot express what it is like. Maybe more will understand now.


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