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Released on
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
9. My Immortal

Review #4682 by ***MaRY***
Written on Mar 29, 2005 (Read 768 times)
hi evanescence THAT IS THE BEST SONG IVE EVER HEARD .i discuss with nmy boyfriend and this song was perfect for this situation and this song comes deep inside me i think it was the only think that fools like me and it was like a lightening for me ..... uh i cant discribe what this song did inside me it was really a lightening ...
Thanx Evanescence you are the best and amy u r my hehehe my example to follow u r very pretty and ur voice its the best really and these song is the best song of the world thats really

Review #4671 by gene
Written on Mar 26, 2005 (Read 761 times)
this song really hits the mark. the lyrics as well as the voice behind it really captivates the soul. a perfect song!!! this song reminds me of a very special person who stood by me through all these years. a person who gave me unselfish love and care. after all the bad things i've done, she's still there for me. thanks evanescence for reminding me.

Review #4582 by Airhead
Written on Mar 13, 2005 (Read 795 times)
well i jus wanna say i love this song so much and amy u have a wonderful voice. This song alway pops in my head when i think anout sad memories like on spring break i dont geta tlk to the one guy i like so this song kinda helps me though it thanx for this song cuz i think if it was not here i would be cryib cuz i miss the guy i love and cant see him 4 a whole week!

Review #4559 by Stephanie
Written on Mar 7, 2005 (Read 810 times)
AWESOME!!!!! Dare Devil rocked and this song in it!!!! MADE IT BETTER

Review #4536 by fatima
Written on Mar 5, 2005 (Read 792 times)
i want a copy of the song my immortal

Review #4517 by Nudrat
Written on Mar 2, 2005 (Read 673 times)
hey..! the song is absolutely great,touching into the core of my heart,even u know that I have never been passed to that particuler phase in life where somebody may loose the dear ones,but all aside,the song is beautiful with the lyrics in style,I have been loving teh song,but u know ..I couldn't get the video,how it depicts and goes with lyrics..how? luv to this sloe song..(nudratshamsher@hotmail.com)

Review #4515 by gabriela
Written on Mar 1, 2005 (Read 665 times)
i love this song so much!! i think is one of the best songs that that evanescence play .

Review #4512 by Theresa
Written on Mar 1, 2005 (Read 615 times)
I always listen to this song when i am sad about losing my grandpa's. They were more like dad's to me and this song reminds me that they are still with me, but i have been alone since the've died.
In memory of Hugh Robert Knowles and George Bricky Richardson

Review #4505 by Maria Angelica
Written on Feb 27, 2005 (Read 603 times)
The song is amazing and I think I was touched by angels.

Review #4462 by Celina
Written on Feb 25, 2005 (Read 610 times)
this song makes me cry when u think or remeber all D things that amy says in that song,she says emmotional feelings like ,When you scream i fight away all your fears.im not evanescence fan, but all of their songs rock.

Review #4459 by Justin
Written on Feb 25, 2005 (Read 473 times)
This song really touches me.I cry everytime i hear it.My 3 year old sister was coming from the doctor and they said she might have heart problems.on the way home we heard it and it told us she would be ok.So when i hear it i really get emontially


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