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Released on
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
9. My Immortal

Review #5305 by Jon
Written on Jul 12, 2005 (Read 809 times)
i love my immortal it is the only song i listen to. Amy you are amazing all u have to do is not give up. Beleive me i try my best to be ur biggest fan, Im gunna say this one more time AMY YOU ARE THE BEST AND NEVER QUIT

Review #5270 by little^f
Written on Jul 7, 2005 (Read 827 times)
That song ... wow! that song, absolutely describes my life ... :( thank you, evanescence ... I love you guys ...

Review #5231 by red_heart54
Written on Jun 29, 2005 (Read 785 times)
i lo0o0o0o0o0o0O0O0O0O0o0o0O0ove this song

Review #5218 by momma
Written on Jun 27, 2005 (Read 775 times)
I boo-hoo everytime I hear it.  My daughter has been going throug a rough time the last few months and our relationship isn't what it used to be or what I hope it will be again.  I just feel like my insides are being squeezed when this comes on the radio.  I can't get it out of my head.

Review #5190 by *Sophia*
Written on Jun 21, 2005 (Read 748 times)
Hi Amy i'm 4rm POMONA!!!!!!!And this song is sooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!I Don't know how you do it, but your voice is just beautiful!!!!!!!!! I love you, even though I don't know you(I love God more) :p
                   XOXO PeAcE OUt!

Review #5008 by amyleelover
Written on May 20, 2005 (Read 755 times)
hi evanescence love y frm all my heartpleas  send me asong..new..


Review #5004 by Eris
Written on May 19, 2005 (Read 744 times)
I really love this song. I do think it is evanescence's best one. I loved the piano and especially that part with the drums and electric guitars it definitely made the difference. I love listening to this song, it soothes the pain in my soul..

Review #4939 by Kathy
Written on May 8, 2005 (Read 803 times)
I always listen to this song when i can i think it's great!GOOD JOB TO THE GROUP EVANESCENCE!

Review #4887 by Thiago(Castor)
Written on May 1, 2005 (Read 803 times)
I love this song because It is about love and how the people can be bad....or good..and because has piano...and I love piano and I play too!!!

Review #4874 by Christopher
Written on Apr 29, 2005 (Read 639 times)
This song is one of the greatest, i listen to it whenever im feeling down or cant get to sleep, i seen you huys perform it it was so awesome, thanx for being you and doing what you do, and to all those who say thanx for wrinting it Ben wrote the song :P lol although hes no longer a part thanx but i still love you more amy <3


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