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Released on
Tuesday, November 23, 2004
9. My Immortal

Review #4166 by youssef
Written on Jan 22, 2005 (Read 608 times)
hi to evry body i love evanesvence

Review #4165 by sukur
Written on Jan 22, 2005 (Read 577 times)
when she first stepped in to my room &#305; attempted to kiss her.and she wasnt empty.guess which song was playing in my player?&#305; love this song

Review #4164 by Rosie
Written on Jan 21, 2005 (Read 589 times)
I love this song it reminds of my cousin that died of Cancer.....Sometimes I wish that she was still here but now she is pain free...... Sometimes I wish I could gotten closer to her or gotten to know her more.... And at times it fells like she is around me... As kids I spent the night with her and we watch movies together.... When she died my mom told me to think about all the good times we had together and not the bad ones........ But to me she will life forever in my heart and soul...... I love you so much Amber

Review #4158 by Leila
Written on Jan 20, 2005 (Read 626 times)
Hi  my lovely EVANESCENES.
I just can say that I am really fond of your voice & all of  your songs. when i  hear your song i feel something in my  inside that  i cant  describe  it.
Love  you

Review #4151 by crystalline
Written on Jan 18, 2005 (Read 707 times)
i love this song

Review #4147 by jekjahg
Written on Jan 17, 2005 (Read 724 times)
for me evanescenes is our life and everything beyond our imaginations...........  we love you

Review #4141 by Julia
Written on Jan 16, 2005 (Read 750 times)
My best friend and
I got into a fight over cheerleading and this song rmeainds me of her everytime I hear it. We're friends again, but this song just reminds me of everything that happened, but it comforts me. I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #4140 by meLanie
Written on Jan 16, 2005 (Read 687 times)
I love this song! when I hear this song .. I can't describe this feeling. Evanescence is the best! nice greetz

Review #4139 by losthopes
Written on Jan 16, 2005 (Read 652 times)
I love this song! when I hear this song .. I can't describe this feeling.  ..meLanie

Review #4097 by Carlos
Written on Jan 12, 2005 (Read 847 times)
La primera vez que escuche my immortal me quede pensativo y pense esta chica (Amy) tiene sentimiento en lo que hace...

              Continuen con ese sentimiento


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