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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
7. Farther Away

Review #5433 by Trina
Written on Aug 3, 2005 (Read 1063 times)
Hey! I'm an Evanescence fan! I love this song esp. the part where she says: "I'm numb to you/numb and deaf and blind/you give me all but the reason why/I reach but I feel only air at night/not you, not love, just nothing"
I'm really inspired by her music so I wrote this poem. I hope you like it!

Farther away:
I am lost, miserable and alone
In the dark, where no light shows.
They do not grieve for me nor do they cry
I do not know the reason why.
Perhaps it is because I do not exist,
Or perhaps they cannot see me in this dark abyss.
I have been this way for some time,
Taken from a world that had become a lie.
Suddenly I hear a voice in my ear,
Deep, hollow and dark but speaks clear.
The voice that draws from my spirit’s well
Like an angel soaring over the flames of hell.
It must have come the light of which I cannot see
But I know I must find before I no longer breathe.
It told me to follow the path
Where it is not yet bright but no longer black.
It is there where I will be awaken
From the harsh world before I was taken.
This narrow path seemed to stretch thousand miles
But I did not take it like a stubborn child.
When I reached that path
I thought I’d finally be back.
But everything seemed strange
They had all changed.
It was darker than I had remember
Not as bright as winter
Maybe it was me that changed
Maybe I’m the one to blame.
I have been living in the dark for so long
Everything I’ve known has gone.
A world full of sorrow and dismay
So distant, farther away.

Tell me your opinions! insults or compliments, I don't care.

Review #5325 by Destiny
Written on Jul 15, 2005 (Read 1025 times)
Farther Away is the most amazing song! Its lyrics have so much meaning, and the backround music rocks! Its the perfect combinatoin!                               (I reach, but i feel, only air at night, not you, not love, just nothing)            
                                      Farther Away always seems to cheer me up,and really make me think.It is my favorite song!

Review #5265 by Joan
Written on Jul 7, 2005 (Read 1001 times)
well for me the song Farther Away is something special and something that make me wonder about my life in the past and everything wrong what I have done. It reminds me of my parents...i know i was not polite, i remember all the things i said...and cry with this song in my ears.

Review #5223 by Conjoured Light
Written on Jun 27, 2005 (Read 1017 times)
I did steal their smiles and made them mine.
I always hear this song and think about my past. The lies I have told..the time I have wasted..the promises I have broken. But now, when I listen to this song, I realize that all I have done leads to what I do and what I will do. My current but unofficial occupation? A singer for a rock band I created with my friends. We created it not just for fun, but also as a tribute to Evanescence. It has inspired me to be the opposite of the image the song conjours in my head...Not a back-stabber, not a deprived, broken hearted , virtually dead woman. But a fulfilled, happy and down-to-earth girl who faces challenges, but always manages to get through them and doing so not alone, but with her friends along-side her, coping with her predicaments with her. Thank you Amy Lee and the rest of Evanescence, for making me real.

Review #5222 by Early Mourning
Written on Jun 27, 2005 (Read 994 times)
Every song I've written basically comes from this one. The weirdest thing is that I sound a bit like Amy when I sing my OWN songs. We are one but seperate. I have never realized it until now, reading and comparing her lyrics to mine.

Review #5221 by Bloody Shadow
Written on Jun 27, 2005 (Read 944 times)
This is one of my favorite Evanescence songs EVER (and i know a LOT of em)!!! Amy's voice brings out so much in this song. My best friend & I agree-Amy is the best!!!!!!!!!

"I took the smiles and I made them mine"- only the best could think of that!

Review #5216 by Bianca
Written on Jun 26, 2005 (Read 813 times)
I love "FARTHER AWAY", is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

" £VANE§¢£N¢£", "SOME WAY UNLIKE AND SOLELY OF BEING"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Review #5098 by alex
Written on Jun 4, 2005 (Read 836 times)
youll are awsome!Farther away is my fav. song.It has good lyrics,and good guitar parts.Every time I listen to it it gets better and better.Your voice makes the sound real and so does guitar parts and the drums! Youll are the real deal.YOU'LL ROCK!!!

Review #5049 by chris
Written on May 29, 2005 (Read 825 times)
I am a huge fan of  amywhere but home farther away.i even got a tribute version of it.But i looked all over the wed and i cant find the real thing.Can someone PLEASE e-mail me this song im dying to hear it.

Review #4923 by mike
Written on May 6, 2005 (Read 843 times)
amazing song...evanescence, u guys r the greatest band ever!! every song is my favourite and i especially love this song when its recorded...i know its already been said, but its so true: DOWNLOAD THE STUDIO VERSION!! it is absolutely THE BOMB!!


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