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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
5. Thoughtless

Review #3826 by Jalen
Written on Dec 13, 2004 (Read 472 times)
Really rhough I can't believe Wal-Marts being sued just because of ONE swear out of the WHOLE cd. It's like saying hard rock singers can't swear but rappers can. I mean seiriously, WTF IS UP WIT THAT?!?!!?

Review #3809 by jenni
Written on Dec 11, 2004 (Read 546 times)
Has anyone heard about Wal-Mart being sued over the word f**k in this song! I will repeat that...Wal-mart is being sued over the word F**K! How many of you are right now holding your head in shame and going wtf! I now I am!(sacastically)Apparently, since Wal-mart didn't put a parental advisory sticker on the cd, the parents who bought this cd for they're kids are outraged by the potty-mouth on amy lee! First of all, it's one curse throughout the entire cd, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. secondly, in this day and age, they're children are probably familier with every curse word know to man and most likely has become a part of they're speech! After reading the article, I thought what has the world come to! Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this? I would like to hear what some of you would have to say!

Review #3792 by Tomo
Written on Dec 10, 2004 (Read 638 times)
One day this week, I fortunately listened to the song "Thoughtless" on 'anywhere but home' at a record shop I often go to after school. I don't check Korn's original version out yet so I just can't compare theirs with Evanescence's but anyways this cover sounds much cooler than I expected and it's one of the most beautiful tunes I have heard so far. Great job!!
Well, I was moved to tears when I heard Amy Lee started playing the piano. At first I managed to stop my tears flowing but my trial was in vain eventually... I must have cried a lot there if nobody else had been around me during staying at a record store to get to know more about the new release 'anywhere but home'. "Thoughtless" makes me think about my new girlfriend who gives me Love as much as she can do like Amy Lee. I even feel like the melody that she first plays simply expresses my affection for my sweet instead of me doing. It is Amy's crystal voice that I mainly concentrate on enjoying because she is a very very special lady for me right now... I love Terry Balsamo's (I'm sorry if the spelling is incorrect) performance very much though. Evanescence, keep up the good work!!

Review #3787 by EvAnEsCeNcE 4 LiFe
Written on Dec 9, 2004 (Read 620 times)
OMFG!! this song is so nice and who cares if she uses the f word its so nice and calming its now my fave song she can sing anythign and this song she sang well im so happy that she has done the cover 4 it its sooo good. if u love evanescence as much asi  do email me or talk to me hot_baby_1990@msn.com thanks guyz u rock love u amy lee!! love Emma. xoxox come back to Australia!

Review #3783 by Julietvamp
Written on Dec 9, 2004 (Read 618 times)
I've read the rest of these reviews and some people really should shut the hell up, because this version of thoughtless is beautiful and just because she said f**** does NOT mean you can go off on amy's personality. Evanescence Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #3778 by jenni
Written on Dec 9, 2004 (Read 590 times)
well i have yet to own the cd, hopefully i'll be getting it soon, as soon as i fix this pesky money problem! Anyway what I want to know is why is everyone so disappointed in Amy Lee bringing out the f-shot in the cover song "Thoughtless". People, u do realize she is human right? she is entitled to swear just like everyone else in this world. And besides i dont think i hear anyone complaining about the word "WHORE" in "farther away". It's horrible thing to call a woman and yet I hear no complaints! it's so funny to read about ppl who are so deeply affect by the f-shot, but not the word whore! I think some of u ppl need to re-asset ur life again! as for me, I could care either less if she swears or not. She's a great singer

Review #3766 by Alex
Written on Dec 7, 2004 (Read 619 times)
I was dissapointed that they used the f word...very sad...this song is just to angry, and I hate KORN!!!

Review #3764 by ss@cc
Written on Dec 7, 2004 (Read 610 times)
I love this song! My favourite band is Evanescence but I love KoRn too. My opinion is that Thoughtless by Evanescence is much more better than the one by KoRn. Amy can sing really-really beautiful. Thoughtless became my fav song!

Review #3763 by Zak
Written on Dec 6, 2004 (Read 595 times)
Damn. I was hoping this song would be better. Korn is my favorite band of all, and Evanescence comes pretty close, but from listening to all of the covers I have heard from Evanescence I have decided that Evanescence is really awesome with their own music, but really fails to do a good job on the covers, this song included.

You people that say how emotion was added by Evanescence, when you didn't even hear the original Thoughtless by KoRn, are really messed up. The original thoughtless had just the right amount of emotion in just the right places. Thoughtless is an angry song that lashes out, but Amy Lee sings in a sad depressed mood, and fails to capture the feeling that must go along with the lyrics and the intended meaning of the song. Side Note: to be dissapointed by Amy using any vocabulary including the word F***, is very lame. Evanescence should be respected no matter what words are used. Even though this song was not executed as greatly as their own songs, they are still really great.

Review #3755 by Ainsley
Written on Dec 4, 2004 (Read 653 times)
Everyone is completey overreacting. This song is great!!! Think about this...If you were in a band, wouldn't you like to do a cover of your favorite song?? I definetely would. And let's face it, this is the first time Amy Lee has ever swore, except she says whore. But you can't blame her for swearing, she was just singing her favorite song, and she didn't make that song have swears. Some of you guys are crazy...They did a killer cover of this song and added so much emotion, and you guys are just putting them down. Don't be retarded...You know this song rocks!!


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