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8. Understanding

Review #7334 by Mist
Written on Jan 10, 2007 (Read 614 times)
This song can not be played in public without someone crying to the lyrics. These lyrics can bring the truth out of any person. This is one of the most powerful songs ever. It is painfully true and is breathtakingly gorgeous. It will get inside you and make you realize what you hid for so long. This song should be recognized as a song that can save.

Review #7332 by laith
Written on Jan 10, 2007 (Read 615 times)
understanding is most songs for amy and love amy

Review #7190 by Evanescence Love
Written on Nov 24, 2006 (Read 647 times)
Hey~~This song is just great!
At first, I didn't listen to it because it was so long!
However, when I listened to this song, I began to listen to it everyday!!
I love this song's melody, lyrics, Amy's voice, and every thing about this song!!
I love Amy.
I love John.
I love Rocky.
I love Will.
I love Terry~~

Review #6477 by Bloody Tears
Written on Jun 25, 2006 (Read 841 times)
I love this song. Now that my boyfriend has left me (stupid cunt) now i can understand the lyrics more. Now that i can do this, it's more emotional. It made me cry first time i heard it after he left me. To me, this song will never be the same again. It's better. Thank You Evanescence For Making This Song!!! xxxxxxxxxx

Review #4605 by dani ~g0thz R0k~
Written on Mar 18, 2005 (Read 1542 times)

Review #4510 by Nudrat Shamsher
Written on Mar 1, 2005 (Read 1574 times)
Hey..! the song strikes me soo vividly "Bring me 2 life",the lyrics and the beats are relishing,Man..its great as well as lies..I have been loving the songss..so I do..!

Review #4509 by Bouncer
Written on Mar 1, 2005 (Read 1575 times)
Its me agian, Dustin, the one that just wrote to you about how beautiful your voice is.  This is my email address.  Bouncertripa@aol.com

Review #4508 by Dustin
Written on Mar 1, 2005 (Read 1575 times)
Amy, I love your voice.  It is the most beautiful voice that I have ever heard. In my 17 years on this earth I have never heard a voice to sound like yours, its so pretty.  I love you and I mean it, but you now not like a boyfriend kind of thing, like a friend realtionshop kind of thing you know, yeah ne wayz, well yeah, email me sometime.

Review #4389 by xXxsallyxXx
Written on Feb 12, 2005 (Read 1620 times)
understanding strikes me. it's powerful. i find it depressing, i feel a slight darkness when i hear it. it stays with me all week.

Review #3938 by Denel
Written on Dec 27, 2004 (Read 1745 times)
My favorite song, nice organ, well done job in the drum role, great guitar, and Amy's vocal... it simply angelic. if you wanna share the lyrics please do so because the lyrics i got weren't clear...


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