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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
11. Whisper

Review #6837 by renato
Written on Sep 20, 2006 (Read 807 times)
OYe evanescence es lo maximo arriba!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #6548 by ~*~*~:....:Kris:....:~*~*~
Written on Jul 29, 2006 (Read 857 times)
I think that this song ROX!!! A good video would be like this (i think NEway)

its all misty. you see amy in bed, asleep with her boyfriend next to her.
"Catch me as i fall" she falls down into a black abyss. she lands in a forest. She twirls around and is very scared.
" I know i can stop the pain if i will it all away" Amy holds her head in her hands and shakes it. Suddenly she's back in the room.
" Dont turn away...." she is yelling at her boyfriend. he leaves the room  "dont turn off the light" he does. she is sent back to the black hole.
" im frighted by wat i c" she is surrounded by strange shadows/people. tears well up in her eyes.
" i can stop the pain..." that whole thing happens again. this time she's getting desperate. her bf has a girl at the door.
"Fallen angels at my feet. whispered voices at my ear..." There's an angel at her feet and a cold breeze. she's standing there, crying. she breaks down.
*Guitar Solo* Amy runs through the forest, determined. flashes of her bf run through her mind as she runs
"Dont- Turn away" she and her bf fight. he leaves the apartment.
*Latin Chanting* Amy is fading into the forest/blackness again. it ends with her standing there surrounded by the dark figures.

Review #6476 by Lauren
Written on Jun 24, 2006 (Read 807 times)
oh, this is to nightshade89. i absoulutely love that idea, they should really go with it. i could see it all in my head, and i would adore that video, i may just have to read it again. and no, you didn't go too far... i love all of evanescence's songs, there so amazing, and so relatable, i agree, this song is definantly the best.

Review #6207 by marielvis
Written on Apr 30, 2006 (Read 832 times)
hola  soy marilvis una fans de ustedes me encantan por favor quiero recibir noticias suyas

Review #6145 by EvanFreak
Written on Mar 30, 2006 (Read 870 times)
anybody wants this song but in live concert video. if you do want it e-mail me ok and i'll send you the video but if you want more videos just tell me ok  ;)

Review #6134 by Dante
Written on Mar 26, 2006 (Read 874 times)
I thought it was pretty good

Review #6133 by Dante
Written on Mar 26, 2006 (Read 834 times)
I thought it was pretty good

Review #5995 by nightshade89
Written on Jan 15, 2006 (Read 871 times)
Soz me again  i just read your video and its really good. This is my idea -
camera moving very fast through a dark forest then it catches up to her *SHE WEARING A RIPPED WHITE DRESS* her running in a dark forest. Her falling as lyrics come in and falls onto black vines. She falls through a hole and everything is black. she starts seeing swirls of colours - getting faster. and she screams, singing the lyrics, turning in a circle.Suddenly she closes her eyes as first verse comes to an end and then opens them again.  these creatures emerge. * CREATURES TALL WOMEN AND MEN - EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL WITH BLACK AND RED ROBES WITH BURNT BLACK WINGS OBVIOUSLY BLACK HAIR - VERY LONG* and they are surrounding her. They are surrounding her and she is whirling round in a circle.
Second verse she wakes up and is tied up on a wooden board. In front of her several of them.  They are performing a sacrifice (young boy??)(dont actually see the sacrifice just hear it) - focuses on her and she is immobilised with fear. She looks down and she is wearing a black robe. They perform it and blood spurts onto her face as she screams. Then she blacks out again - dreams of her singing. sees visions of the lyrics - "fallen angels at my feet" - the same creatures writhing in agony, "whispered voices at my ear" a beautiful woman whispering secrets, "Death before my eyes" slaughtered bodies everywhere, "Lying next to me i fear" same women lying next to her smiling, "she beckons me ... shall i give in" woman floating in front of her beckoning "upon my end shall i begin... I rise to meet the end" her singing it and rising up towards the woman still singing - at the time the woman does the voice thing she is singing it and then everything is bathed in black. See her writhing in pain as she dies and then morphing into a creature like the others only she has different burnt wings with red in them. When the latin chant starts she walks down an aisle in a very big church with all the creatures looking at her and chanting - she walks onto a platform - she is their leader now.

What do you think? I may have gone a bit far but hmmmm

Review #5991 by nightshade89
Written on Jan 13, 2006 (Read 851 times)
I absolutely loved this album (Fallen) and can't get enough of it. For anyone who doesn't know what the chanting is at the end of whisper it is latin. I am currently studying latin at college so i am happy to say, even though it isnt grammatically correct, it means Save me from danger; save me from evil. Extremely powerful and i love singing along (badly i must say 8o(

Review #5942 by Dante
Written on Dec 14, 2005 (Read 880 times)
Finally, i could actually think of a music video that would be PERFECT 4 this song. Eventually, i'll think of a music vid 4 the orgn vrsn and EP vrs. I got some inspiration from mA1YcE wOnDeR1AnD, The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe,and a little help with "Field of Innocence" i hope yall like it.

It starts with Amy in an empty room with a bunk bed with Amy sitting on the bed studying a Latin book and then all of the sudden she notices a closet that Amy never bothered to notice.

"Catch me as I fall, say you're here and it's all over now" Amy jumps off her top bunk and walks up to the closet. She opens the door to the closet & walks in, and finds herself in a forest in winter. "This truth drives me into madness" Amy whispers "How is this possible?"

"Don't turn away" Amy walks through the forest and hears a footstep behind her, then she looks back and screams because she sees a wolf.

"I'm fightend by what I see but somehow I know that there's much more to come" Amy stares at the wolf in terror and then two other wolves join the wolf.

"I can stop the pain if I will it all away" Amy blinks and the wolves are gone. Then Amy thinks of going back and shakes her head and keeps walking. "Don't close your eyes" It shows Amy back in the empty room and Amy reads: Iesu, Rex adirabilis.
      Et, triumphator nobilis,
      Dulcedo ineffabilis,
      Totus desiderabilis (From FOI)
Then, every word in the book fades out and Amy backs away from the book and a high wind blows which makes every page in the book flip.

"Fallen angels at my feet" Amy's back in the woods and the same wind blows and then it becomes a tornado and then (this is my favorite part) the tornado forms the same eyes you'll see on the CD "Le Nouveau Gothique" "Forsaken all I've fallen for I rise to meet the end" Amy makes the same position you'd make if there was a tornado drill.

choir/guitar instrumental: Amy wakes up from being in a coma on a stretcher sees, a bright light that's almost blinding and is on a bleach white background and Amy walks off the stretcher and sees the same closet as before, then she walks in and finds herself in the same woods as before.

"Don't try to hide" Wolves, badgers, snakes surround Amy and, she hides behind a tree and sees a bow and dozens of arrows. And says faithlessly "This is my only hope"

chorus 2x/Latin choir: Amy grabs the bow and arrow and finds a note on it that says "Won't miss anything" and Amy walks out from behind the tree and kills all the beasts.

Latin choir: Amy runs away from the dead creatures and then it shows Amy back in the bedroom studying and then the books sentances all fade into: Servaits a pereculum. And Amy says the Latin while the choir says it at the same time. Then it all fades out.


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