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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
11. Whisper

Review #312 by Living Sacrifice
Written on Jan 9, 2004 (Read 4441 times)
I really like this song, it will leave a immpression in my mind. This isn't may favorite song by them though........ That would have to be 'I Must Be Dreaming' Download it listen to it. I love it.

Review #240 by Cally
Written on Jan 1, 2004 (Read 4521 times)
For those of us who are wondering.....the chant at the end is in Latin. I wouldn't know this if it didn't say so in the FAQ on the official site! It is saying "Servatis a periculum, Servatis a maleficum." Amy translates this to "Save us from danger, save us from evil." By the way, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!

Review #201 by sabrina
Written on Dec 14, 2003 (Read 4563 times)
this song is verry cool

Review #129 by Dove
Written on Nov 14, 2003 (Read 4613 times)
All the songs do NOT sound the same, although this album is defineatly different from Orgin and the songs I've heard from Sound Asleep and the self-entitled demo. The older stuff is generally a bit quieter and slower than the songs on Fallen, but all of the Fallen songs rock. Especially Whisper. Fallen definitily has the best version of Whisper. The Orgin on is slower and more muffled it seems. The Fallen version shows off Amy's voice much better. On the chant- It is not in Latin if that helps anyone. (Has the "V" sound in it. In Latin "V" is pronouced "W") Cecilia- I completely agree. This is just one of those songs you can play again and again without getting sick of. All other positive opinions- totally agree.

Review #126 by Marissa
Written on Nov 9, 2003 (Read 4622 times)
This song is the shit.."Catch me as I fall" is the greatest beginnin to a song..n its juss great..I can listen to it over and over again..

Review #116 by Midnight (again)
Written on Nov 6, 2003 (Read 4628 times)
evanescence rock!!!!!!!!! they r the coolest rock band ever!!!!!!!!!whisper rocks!!!!!!!!!
and i love the whole gothic, death image!!!!!
it really applys to me!!!!!!!

fallen angels at my feet
whispered voices at my ear
death before my eyes
lying next to me i fear
she beckons me shall i give in
upon my end shall i begin
forsaking all i fallen for i rise to meet the end!!

does anyone know what the chanting at the end says?

Review #107 by Jellybean
Written on Oct 26, 2003 (Read 4639 times)
hopelessly happy =)

Review #84 by Cecilia
Written on Oct 12, 2003 (Read 4658 times)
THIS SONG ROCKS!!!!  ^_^ I found myself playing it again and again and again and again and again and again...

Review #67 by Umi the Obsessed One
Written on Sep 17, 2003 (Read 4694 times)
WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!I love this song!!!!! I listen to it every friggin day when I come home from school!!! I cant concentrate in class and i want class to end so I can LISTEN TO IT!!!YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! GO EVANESCENCE U ROCK!!!!!!!

Review #63 by princess of Darkness
Written on Sep 15, 2003 (Read 4703 times)
I don't think all the songs sound the same, (but hey, that's just me and a few hundred people from where I come from opinions'), and once again, the lyrics are meaningful, Ben rocks on the guitar, and Amy makes it sound cool!


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