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Fallen Fallen
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Released on
Tuesday, March 4, 2003
11. Whisper

Review #1008 by Cherie
Written on Feb 11, 2004 (Read 3926 times)
omg!! i love your music and i would have to say that this song is AWSOME!! i love ur music keep going guys ya's r awsome....!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review #978 by Alicia
Written on Feb 9, 2004 (Read 3968 times)
This is such an awesome song. I almost always listen to the whole CD in order, because I think that there is a story being told. In Tourniquet, Amy is committing suicide. In My Last Breath, she is going through the process of dying. In Whisper, Amy hits her climax point and is in some sort of place where she is on the exact moment between dying and actual death. It is a very dark song, and at the end it sounds like demons chanting from the pits of Hell. I later found out that it was Latin, and means "Save us from danger; save us from evil." It is just so incredibly cool! She is an awesome singer, it's an awesome band, and I just can't wait to experience what they put out next.

Review #910 by more obessed then all!!!
Written on Feb 7, 2004 (Read 4002 times)
What the heck are the lyrics at the end???
(LOVE the song!!)

Review #899 by Evanescence
Written on Feb 6, 2004 (Read 4016 times)
When most people listen to a song, they just listen to the beats and rhythm. But when it comes to Evanescence, even the most simple minded people have to stop and listen to what Amy has to say. And it's not just Amy, but the rest of the band as well that have the largest impact on our lives. Everyone feels their own way about music, and i respect that, but you haven't lived until you listen to Evanescnce...lyrics and rhythm. Amy is a role model for me and all girls my age that feel that a female rocker is needed in this male dominate rock music society. Props to Shirley Manson, Joan Jett, and evey other female rocker, but the honor goes to Amy Lee for not only giving us what we want, but what we feel as well.
Rock On

Review #890 by With fallen wings i fly, for my love i will die.
Written on Feb 6, 2004 (Read 4026 times)
If any of you guys/girls ever checked the whole site you would have seen the LYRICS where you can find it all.

I love Everthing of evanescence but I think whisper is their best song (for now).

-Raise your souls for Amy Lee-

Review #889 by Whit fallen wings i fly, for my love i will die.
Written on Feb 6, 2004 (Read 4025 times)
Whisper is for me the best song i have ever heard of, i love evanescence and their music. for the submitter from Jul 7: you can read in on the site your on, just look under lyrics and you'l see it all.

it could be me and i don't know allot about Evanescence's background, but didn't they have luck with 'Bring me to life' (for the unknows: the daredevil song), i mean it whas their great breaktrough

-Raise your souls for Amy Lee!-

Review #783 by Blenda
Written on Feb 1, 2004 (Read 4114 times)
Hi. Evanescence is my favorite band! I love them! They're so great! I just want to say that all of Evanescence's songs are great and this is one of my favorites. I'm probably one of their youngest fans!

Review #751 by karie
Written on Jan 31, 2004 (Read 4132 times)
hi i'm karie
i have the album and i would like to say whisper rocks it is the best song on the album well i think so any way this is the best album i have got and i hope you make more of them
fallen angels at my feet whispered voices at me ear deaf before my eyes lying next me i fear she beckons me shall i give in upon my end shall i begin forsaking all i've fallen for io rise to meet the end that bit rocks
evanescence i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Review #739 by amy
Written on Jan 30, 2004 (Read 4143 times)
Hi im amy, i dont know if you have time to read these but...
All of your songs touched me in a way that i have never been touched before it was like my whole life in n album. What i liked the most is that you sing about some peoples reality. I also like the way it depresses me beoz it puts perspective on my whole life! I respect you! a lot, a lot a lot! Your my inspiration! thank you! Amy xXx

Review #715 by Cally
Written on Jan 29, 2004 (Read 4160 times)
This is such a good, powerful song....and I love the ending. I don't know if I'm imagining this.........but did anyone else notice that she sings a lot well, more powerfully towards the end of the Cds??(Whisper, Away From Me)(not that it isn't powerful throughout the entire Cd!!) Well anyways, this kind of song is the reason that they make reapeat buttons.


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